Levi may yet become a Palin; Griffin responds

It looks like Levi Johnston may marry his baby mama after all. Us magazine reports Johnston and Bristol Palin have reconciled and are engaged. They have a 1-year-old son together. Palin’s mother, of course, is Sarah, the evil, ignorant liar who wanted to be vice president but couldn’t even finish her term as governor of the most sparsely populated state in the union. I’d pay to be at that Thanksgiving dinner.

Anyway, Kathy Griffin has often joked about Levi being her lover (they are friends), so she’s reacting to the news as only she can. I am personally a big fan of the ending.

—  Arnold Wayne Jones

'Twunky' Levi will give a peek, no full Monty

This bit of gossip about the Levi Johnston photoshoot for Playgirl. (Personally, I love the fact the shoot took place the same week that Sarah Palin’s book comes out; way to steal thunder, Levi!)

According to Jack E. Jett, who interviewed Daniel Nardico from the e-mag, we will see only a wee bit of weenie during a shower scene; otherwise, Johnston is demurring about full-on, Men Magazine-style sexiness. Apparently, he still plans to do mainstream movie acting and doesn’t want to, ummm, shoot his load too soon…

Levi reportedly is also suing for custody of Tripp and again embraced the gay community, asking Nardico what he would be called in the gay world. Nardico labeled him a “twunk” — half twink, half hunk. Sounds like a new subculture is born. Welcome, twunks.сео продвижениепродвижение сайтов в соц сетях

—  Arnold Wayne Jones

'You'll be seeing a lot of me'

Levi Johnston describes himself as “a country guy from Alaska,” and when you hear him croak out an interview, as he did on Sirius XM Radio’s Derek and Romaine Show earlier this week, I have to agree. I admire Johnston for defying the Palin clan, for undermining their “family values” by agreeing to pose nude for the e-zine Playgirl and, let’s face it, for looking pretty (if not exuding smarts — it is a bit taxing listening to him talk).

Derek and Romaine spent a lot of time recently asking him about the photo shoot, although he seemed not to know much about it (“My job is just to show up and look pretty” he said in true himbo fashion). He says he’s been on a diet to get himself looking as buff as possible … until the shoot is over. Then he plans to pig out. And he doesn’t care that gay men are likely to download more pics than women. “I have no problem with gay people,” he says.

We got no problem with you either, Levi. Especially once we see your junk.

But the guileless hunk also doesn’t seem to get when he’s being funny. Once the nudie shoot is over (actually, it was yesterday) he plans to take acting and modeling classes and start a career in front of the camera. “You’ll be seeing a lot of me,” he says. Somehow, I think we’ll see plenty on Playgirl.com.game mobileраскрутка сайта wiki

—  Arnold Wayne Jones

Sarah, you shouldn't have pissed off Levi!

Future Playgirl hottie Levi Johnston and his ex — and baby mama — during happier times.
Future Playgirl hottie Levi Johnston and his ex — and baby mama — during happier times.

I know, I know. Sarah Palin is SO last year!

But hey, Levi Johnston is getting to be bigger news every day. And this bit from The Daily Beast.com, won’t hurt that. It also proves that Ms. Palin maybe should have thought twice before casting Levi out of the fold:

“Diverting attention from his upcoming Playgirl photoshoot, Levi Johnston says he’s hiding some big secrets about former Alaska governor Sarah Palin, the grandmother of his son. “There are some things that I have that are huge—and I haven’t said them because I’m not gonna hurt her that way,” Johnston said Wednesday morning in the first portion of a two-part exclusive Early Show interview. Though he wouldn’t answer whether what Palin allegedly did while serving the state of Alaska was illegal or immoral, he went on to say the secrets “would get her in trouble, and could hurt her… If I really wanted to hurt her, I could, very easily.” As Johnston and Palin continue in their public he-said-she-said battle, Johnston isn’t worried about what he assumes is coming for him, perhaps in Palin’s upcoming memoir. “I don’t have anything to hide,” says Johnston. As for Playgirl, he says the photos will be done “tastefully… I’m not gonna just go out there and get naked.”vzlomsoftяндекс проверка сайта

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