Local rapper DPhil Spanglishman in touch with his femme side

Hip-Hop Wired pointed us to this CW33 tidbit from last week about one local rapper who’s pushing, what he calls, the XY Movement in which straight guys can wear clothes made for women. Daryll Duane Philips II, or DPhil Spanglishman, is opting for lipstick as part of his daily image and says it’s all about expression. Giselle Phelps reported the story.

In the piece, he said, “A lot of people feel like a lot of colors or tight clothes is homosexual. I feel like it’s more of an expression of me.”

For his girlfriend, it’s kind of a win-win. She comments on the benefit of sharing lipstick as well as enduring gay comments from friends and family.

This isn’t all that new. And actually, Phelps has done a piece on this before back in September which also pointed to another local rapper feeling his femme side.

Trend or not, I have to say “bravo” to the guys for taking a risk within their music, which is historically homophobic, and blurring the gender lines. If it’s nothing more than for grabbing attention, well, the 19-year-old has succeeded. He’s all over the interwebs just like a Kardashian.

—  Rich Lopez

Sarah Palin to bring her anti-abortion song and dance back to Dallas at the Majestic on Nov. 10

Sarah Palin’s coming back to town to encourage women once again to have unwanted pregnancies.

She’s scheduled to appear at the Majestic Theater on Nov. 10, The Dallas Observer notes.

We’d go and cover it, but media is routinely denied access to Palin events. I’d love to interview her, actually. I find her fascinating.

Doesn’t say what Palin will do. Sing? Dance? Tell Alaska jokes about lipstick and raising your kids to marry hot guys and get pregnant in high school?

Earlier this year, she appeared in Dallas for a fundraiser for a non-existent anti-abortion clinic in Uptown. The picture used was of a house on Fairmount Street.

The charity was advertised as being a 501(c)(3) but was never registered with the IRS. Anyone who deducts a donation to them could be subject to back taxes and penalties.

The Majestic event is sponsored by a group called Heroic Media.

That group “uses mass media to help women facing unexpected pregnancies to life-affirming resource centers.”

What they don’t provide is medical care for those women.

From Heroic Media’s website:

South Florida has the highest abortion ratio in the United States — the market records more than 600 abortions for every 1,000 births. The area’s 30 abortion facilities target low income and ethnic neighborhoods and their advertisements literally saturate the region.

Florida commercials, billboards and other advertisements generally showcase happy tourists and sun-kissed beachgoers; they don’t depict the desperation experienced by women forced into abortion. Heroic Media wants to provide the women of Florida with hope. They deserve to learn about positive options. They need to know there are people willing to listen and help.

Funny. I have family in South Florida and visit often. I have never seen an abortion ad. Not a billboard. Not a TV or radio ad. Nothing. And they don’t give an example of one of these ads on their website.

More about this if we can get through to Heroic Media. Tried this morning but no answer at their Austin headquarters.

—  David Taffet