Takei, Aiken adding gay fabulosity to new “Celebrity Apprentice”

George Takei

I have sincerely admired George Takei ever since 2005 when he publicly came out as a gay man. And I have been a real fan for the last several months, ever since I “liked” his Facebook page and got the chance to see and appreciate his unique sense of humor.

But I am not a big enough fan to watch George in his new gig, because his new gig is being a cast member of the new season of Donald Trump‘s Celebrity Apprentice. And I hate Donald Trump and I hate Celebrity Apprentice way to much to ever watch the show, even for George T. I made myself a promise after listening to Trump’s “presidential campaign” tripe that I would never watch this show, because I never want to do anything that might even remotely put money in his bigoted pockets.

So, love ya George, but I just can’t watch that show.

There will be at least one other gay in the cast to keep George company: Clay Aiken of American Idol and Spamalot fame. And other “gay interest’ cast members are ’80s pop star Debbie Gibson and equal-opportunity-insult comedian Lisa Lampanelli.

I’m not gonna list the whole cast here. You can go over to FoxNews.com to get that (where, by the way, the describe Takei as “Star Wars actor George Takei”). Let it suffice to say that the cast does include Mafia princess Victoria Gotti and Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider.

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SUCCESS | Lisa Blue Baron, center, keynote speaker for the Landmark Dinner held Aug. 13 at the W Hotel is pictured with Lambda Legal Leadership Committee member Brian Bleeker and Dallas County Sheriff Lupe Valdez. The event raised more than $120,000 for Lambda Legal. (Photo courtesy Debra Gloria)

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Weekly Best Bets

Friday 04.08

He’ll keep a ‘Light’ on for you
Last year, Jake Heggie brought people back to the opera with the world premiere of his adaptation of Moby Dick. The gay composer works his magic with another world premiere, but for one night only. He and Gene Scheer debut their song cycle A Question of Light, performed by Nathan Gunn, as part of
Unveil: The Dallas Opera 2011 Gala.
DEETS: Winspear Opera House, 2301 Flora Way. 8 p.m. $75. DallasOpera.org/gala


Saturday 04.09

This comedy isn’t down the tubes
As the Dweeb Girls, rock band The Surly Bitches or pseudo country music sensations Euomi and Wynotta Spudd, comedy team Dos Fallopia works hard for the laughs. The “kamikaze comedy team” of Peggy Platt and Lisa Koch have been at this for 25 years and bring the funny to Fort Worth.
DEETS: Youth Orchestra Hall, 4401 Trail Lake Drive. 8 p.m. $20­–$40. OpenDoorProductionsTx.com.


Sunday 04.10

Get hallucinating with ‘Alice’
Nouveau 47 amps up last year’s production of the Lewis Carroll classic by adding more of his work in Alice in Wonderland & Other Hallucinations. We’re glad we get to partake in theater that acts as an hallucinogen rather than taking a pill. So much easier.
DEETS: The Magnolia Lounge, 1121 First Ave. Through April 23. Nouveau47.com

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Sen. Lisa Murkowski: “I would not oppose…DADT repeal”

Yesterday Anchorage newscaster Matthew Felling spoke with U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) about her position on Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell and got this stunning response.  Does this signal renewed will among fair-minded Republicans to take back their party from radical-right Christians and tea party insurgents?  Does Sen. Murkowski represent a turning-point in Republican willingness to get behind a DADT repeal vote that the majority of Republican voters support?

Sen. Murkowski was recently re-elected by write-in votes, beating a Sarah Palin-endorsed tea party candidate.

Matthew Felling – The fact that you’ve been waiting to hear from them, and they have said — at least according to the polls out there — they’re okay with it. Procedural things notwithstanding, are you more likely to vote for a bill saying “I hear them. And if they’re alright with it, I’m alright with it?”

Sen. Murkowski – And I have said that I would work to make sure that as long as it is supported by the troops, as long as it doesn’t hurt the performance or the morale, or the recruitment — these are all things we have to take into consideration — I think we will see that play out in this report. If in fact don’t ask don’t tell is included in the Defense Authorization Act and we get to the point where we can move that bill through – I would not oppose the defense authorization bill because the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell repeal of it is included in it. I have made the statement to others, that we’re in a different point in time. There is, more clearly, a level of acceptance in our communities at all levels of supporting and providing for that level of equality to the homoesexual community. And I think that’s important to recognize that.

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