Show vs. Show • 03.26.10

By RICH LOPEZ | Staff Writer

Dallas doesn’t find itself too often in the middle of a gay live music dilemma. This weekend, two musicians might get to bring their sounds to the masses. That is, if LGBT Dallas heads out to support their own.

Tommy Hernandez was mostly on the local music scene as a solo artist but his latest venture takes him away from pop music into a trancey realm. As one half of Museum Creatures, he and Stephen Holmes go the electronica route.

Museum Creatures is part of the Mercy for Animals Benefit at the Cavern on Lower Greenville. They share a heavy bill with Soft Environmental Collapse, Division of Power and more for the Rockout for Animals show.

Patrick Boothe approaches music with a raw attitude. In his latest release, Jump In, a five song EP, he explores his darker side.

Boothe relocated from Dallas to Austin partly to be near the music industry there. A lonely spell set in and provided inspiration for his newest set of songs. But he’s confident his gay audience will relate.

“I do have a mostly gay audience and they don’t listen to just the poppy music at gay clubs and bars you always hear.”

He’s alt-rock with a piano but more in the vein of Tori Amos. Yet, maybe a bit louder.

“It’s just me and a piano but it’s gonna be loud. I sing pretty loud and I’m not a classically trained pianist so it can get intense at times.”

He’s alt-rock with a piano but more in the vein of Tori Amos. Yet, maybe a bit louder.

“It’s just me and a piano but it’s gonna be loud. I sing pretty loud and I’m not a classically trained pianist so it can get intense at times.

— Rich Lopez


This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition March 26, 2010.

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Sue Ellen's announces Girl Jam 16

OK, I can’t really say it’s an announcement as much as I just stumbled across it. The mini-palooza of local acts will take place over Labor Day weekend. I’d say more but it’s pretty much all on the flyer. However, if you haven’t caught The Bright by now, make it a point to do so here. The indie pop-rock outfit is pretty solid and lead singer Julie Lange has the charisma and voice to be a big star. They’re almost there. Songs from their “Lucid Dreams” 2008 release have been featured on the MTV show, “The Hills.”

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—  Rich Lopez

Judas Priest (and not Whitesnake) at Nokia Theatre last night

Note to bear admirers: go to legendary ’80s heavy metal concerts. Eye candy for days. I’ll get to that in a bit.

It was disappointing to drive into Nokia’s parking lot and see a sign that Whitesnake had canceled. As a former pseudo-metalhead of the ’80s (sans mullet), I was excited about this double bill. Whitesnake has some pop sensibilities to their rock while Judas Priest are simply titans in heavy metal but both are iconic. Fortunately, Judas Priest made up for the loss. And basically kicked everyone’s ass in the nearly full venue.

The crowd itself was raucous from beginning to end. Middle-aged men rocked in the parking lot to music blaring from their cars. Ladies who should reconsider leather pants and hair bleach loitered in the smoking area. The inside lobby was a sea of black t-shirts displaying the Priest and every other hard rock band out there. Men were drunk already off their plastic cup beers and ladies were making their dates buy them a shirt. The concert hadn’t even begun and it was already loud and rowdy.

Rob Halford
Judas Priest frontman Rob Halford  proved gay men can rock hard too last night at Nokia.

—  Rich Lopez

Jay Brannan at The Loft last night

A sold out show at The Loft last night proved Jay Brannan has some major drawing power. Save for a Britney concert, it seemed kind of rare in Dallas to see that many gay men (and a healthy smattering of women) convened for a night of live music.  But there they were filling  the tables and then some in the small venue last night. And by the rounds of applause, Brannan gave them what they were looking for.

Which was really hard to say what that might have been.

Is Brannan something to just look at or is he someone to actually listen to? Often I overheard, “He’s so adorable,” or “How cute is he?” Brannan knows he’s cute and he uses that to his advantage during banter in between songs.  Anecdotal tales about car wrecks and an obsession with Pancho’s had many giggling like teenage schoolgirls. People gazed at him lovingly during the ballads and clapped like the end of a really good sermon. Beyond that, there wasn’t much more substance to be had.

—  Rich Lopez

West Village Music Series begins tonight

Check out Mike Mavens free show tonight with a side of Paciugo gelato.
Check out Mike Maven’s free show tonight with a side of Paciugo gelato.

Local promoters Method Entertainment announced the beginning of a live music series at the West Village. So if you happen to be shopping and/or dining tonight, don’t be surprised to hear Austin musician Mike Maven playing his singer-songwriter pop tunes. Shows continue every Tuesday until the end of July in the West Village South Alley (who knew it had an official name?) between Lazare and Mi Cocina restaurants.

Much like the Cedar Springs First Wednesdays, Method’s event notice says “the series has been created to attract business, entertain the community and to bring top quality acts to an area that rarely has musical events.”  We can dig that.

—  Rich Lopez