WATCH: Documentary about gay love in Iraq airs Monday on Logo

BtooNayyef2It’s gay Pride month — our commemorative issue comes out next Friday, so look for it on newsstands and online — and the Logo network is showing documentaries focused on gay issues. Up this Monday: Out of Iraq: A Love Story. The film documents the efforts of an Iraqi-born translator for the American military who meets and falls in love with an Iraqi soldier, and when circumstances force them apart, his efforts to rescue his love from the homophobic regime. The politically-charged documentary airs June 13 at 8 p.m. Here’s a sneak peek.

—  Arnold Wayne Jones

Sykes to host political forum on Logo

The Republican National Convention starts next week, followed the following week by the Democratic National Convention, and you may be planning to get your coverage from ABC, CNN, MSNBC or NPR.

But Logo is getting into the game.

Out comedian Wanda Sykes will host two political panel shows — one following the DNC convention, one on election eve in November — for the (formerly-gaycentric) cable channel. NewNowNext Vote with Wanda Sykes will premiere on Sept. 10 at 9 p.m., and discuss issues of interest to gay voters, including same-sex marriage and Supreme Court appointments.

Of course, Logo held a candidates forum on LGBT issues in 2007, but this is, to my memory, its first serious foray into gay news and politics in five years. Good for them. Just, why did they do this only after renouncing their gay cred? Ah, well, we’ll take what we can get.

—  Arnold Wayne Jones

DFW Pride Movement includes premiere of the new urban LGBT network GLO TV

Let’s just say GLO TV looks like they know how to make an entrance. As part of Black Pride Weekend, the new network is bringing out some big guns for its Dallas premiere party this Saturday. And according to the press release, it’s also a gesture of solidarity with DFW Pride Movement “to support the community activism and social action of ‘The Movement.'”

We can dig that, but we can especially get behind the star power they are bringing to town. The cocktail reception will include appearances by Maurice Jamal (“Dirty Laundry,” “The Ski Trip” and network president), DeMarco Majors (“Shirts and Skins”), Rodney Chester (“Noah’s Arc”) and J.R. Rolley (“Slutty Summer,” “Four Letter Word”). They will also give a peek at the upcoming season with new shows “Friends and Lovers,” “Dating Dwight,” “The Gayest Sh%t Ever” and “Beyond the Heels,” which the network deems as “a ground-breaking shows about the transgender community.”

The best part — it’s open to the public.They reception will be at The Westin City Center, 650 N. Pearl St. on Saturday at 3 p.m.

—  Rich Lopez

Dallas' last 'Drag Racer' falls

Sahara Davenport

The second season of RuPaul’s Drag Race on Logo began with three contestants with ties to North Texas: Shangela, Mystique and Sahara.

And then there were none.

Shangela was the first contestant eliminated (which didn’t seem totally justified); Mystique turned out to be a trouble-making diva (although compared to fellow Racer Tyra she was beloved) and lasted only a few weeks longer. Now, Sahara Davenport has joined her sisters in the “sashay away” aisle.

Sahara failed to convey the requisite “rocker chick” personality — a test that also required actual live singing, not lip sync (a Drag Race first). That made her departure a small surprise, because fellow bottom two denizen Jujubee gave an abortive performance, mumbling the words … and that was the few times she got the words right.But I’ll still be watching. I’m lighting a candle for Jessica Jade, who’s unintentionally funny Ricky Ricardo act is adorable.гугл адворд

—  Arnold Wayne Jones