Meet our Spring 2011 intern, Jefferson Johnson

Hello, and allow me to introduce myself: My name is Jefferson W. Johnson and I’m the new Spring 2011 intern for the Dallas Voice.

For starters, I’m a Southern Methodist University junior. My major is journalism with an emphasis in broadcast. However, as I begin to finish the curriculum I find my focus torn among many new journalism avenues, such as photojournalism and multimedia journalism — with my favorite quickly becoming blogging.

Follow me on Twitter and Facebook and check out my YouTube channel, and find out what it takes to be an intern and a full-time university student while maintaining a grade-point average above 3.0!

It is a great honor to be a part of the Dallas Voice team. I hope to earn the respect and readership of the community and reach new people.

Last, three things about me:

One, I am a military veteran and yes, I had a gay ol’ time.

Two, I actually have a sense of humor — LOL.

And three, the “W” stands for Whitney, as in Whitney Houston.

Keep your eyes peeled. You never know where I’ll turn up.

—  admin

You will LOL over Oak Lawn

Thanks to a Facebook friend’s likes, I discovered a whole new subdivision of Oak Lawn. I’m curious to see how it catches on. Kendall (just Kendall, it seems) has started the site which concentrates on “life in the Design District.” She is venturing to be the go-to girl for everything LOL. Yep. L.O.L. Catchy.

I’m the one in the know about everything LOL and the Dallas Design District. If you know something, I’m the one to tell. If you want to know something, I am the go-to blogger for news, views, ideas and information about this exciting new urban community. If you’ve got the Qs I’ve got the As for this exciting new development in Big D!

Working for local real estate development company PegasusAblon, I am diving into the world of online and social media marketing headfirst. And hopefully making a big splash! is where I chronicle my many adventures out and about in this up and coming urban neighborhood. is the premiere place for information, news, views and ideas.

Although, we’re kinda hurt she’s cozied to the DMN and D Mag peeps and readers. I mean, we don’t have too shabby a presence in Oak Lawn ourselves.racer game downloadопределить позиции в гугле

—  Rich Lopez