Don’t have tickets to ‘Book of Mormon’ yet? It’s never too late

Book of Mormon RYAN BONDY (ELDER PRICE) CODY JAMISON STRAND (ELDER CUNNINGHAM) CANDACE QUARRELS (NABULUNGI)The Book of Mormon is one of the certifiable smashes in contemporary Broadway history — the Hamilton of 2011. It arrived in Dallas for two sold-out runs in 2014 and 2015, and the 2016 engagement — which runs only Dec. 20–31 — is wildly popular as well. In fact, you may have assumed you couldn’t get tickets … or couldn’t afford to.

But in keeping with tradition, every performance will include a ticket lottery, in which a limited number of seats will be released for $25 each. You just show up 90 minutes before curtain, write your name on the card provided (don’t try to duplicate — they will get you!) and whether you want one or two tickets. An hour beforehand, they’ll do a drawing; if you’re selected, you get to see the show right then and there. Gee, that could be enough to make you believe in miracles.

—  Arnold Wayne Jones

The Mysterious Hanging Suicide Of Lottery Winner Richard Lang

Lottery winners all too often find themselves with hangers-on after their new fortunes are announced. But for Richard Lang, who won £867,454 in 2005 drawing and hanged himself in May, the man claiming to be his lover is a complete stranger to Lang's family.


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