MadonnaRama at JR.’s Bar & Grill

Get into the groove with lotsa Madge

To celebrate Madonna’s birthday, JR.’s Bar & Grill is going all out with MadonnaRama. Playing all her hits all night long, this is for the true Madonna fans, which probably equals most gay men. Along with hits like “Ray of Light” and “Vogue,” on the speakers, the place will give away CDs, t-shirts and DVDs. However, if you get Swept Away, well, then, we’re sorry.

DEETS: JR.’s Bar & Grill, 3923 Cedar Springs Road. 9 p.m.

—  Rich Lopez

Marking Madge’s 52nd birthday with staff picks

Madonna turns 52 today. We’d be remiss not to acknowledge the Queen of Pop’s birthday. I wonder if it’s even an official gay holiday somewhere. We came up with this playlist of Madonna tunes to take some to celebrate. And of course, have a little fun with lists.

11. Chris started us off with a lesser hit from American Life, but perhaps the best song of the bunch from that album. “Love Profusion” was released as a single but best known as the theme for Estee Lauder Beyond Paradise fragrance.

10. Erik immediately named “Superpop” as his fave Madonna song that wasn’t a bigger hit. All the better. This was an unreleased song intended as a track on Confessions on a Dance Floor but nixed as an exclusive download for fan club members only. This says her cocky lyrics might have rubbed fans the wrong way.

9. David picked “Like a Virgin” as his favorite because he says “it describes him.” And then we laughed. At him.

8. New employee Mandy is one of two women in the office full time, so she couldn’t have been more appropriate picking “What It Feels Like For a Girl.” That is, if she means she feels like driving her car recklessly into people like the video — or in her case, a Vespa.

—  Rich Lopez