Magic Johnson now owns The Dylan

Earvin ‘Magic’ Johnson

The Dallas Business Journal reports that an affiliate of Magic Johnson Enterprises has purchased The Dylan, a 125-unit apartment complex at 4533 Cedar Springs that happens to be heavily LGBT:

“We are dedicated to bringing quality housing to dense urban areas like Dallas with a strong employment base and growing economy,” former NBA player Earvin “Magic” Johnson said in a written release. “The Dylan is a very good project for the people of Dallas, and fits right into Canyon-Johnson’s program of investing in urban America.”

Does this mean Magic will be visiting Dallas periodically? If so, it would great to see him at some local HIV/AIDS fundraisers.

—  John Wright

In random gay news: Magic Johnson, Bobby Brown and Internet gay suffixes

Brown calls Whitney out in his new tell-all.
Brown calls Whitney out in his new tell-all.

I’ve received some delicious tidbits of random news today. I figure if they are all coming my way at once, the universe is telling me to share them with you readers (hey wait, I’ve been here about five months now and I don’t know what Instant Tea readers are called).

—  Rich Lopez