Don’t forget your gift and card for Powerbottom Appreciation Day on Saturday

So, what exactly do you get your favorite powerbottom? The gift ideas here don’t make much sense, but that Wiki page does give you the back story on the annual holiday. “Power Bottom Appreciation Day is an annual holiday that recognizes Power Bottoms, as well as the positive contributions that they make to society. According to Durban Bud, it is celebrated on the 30th of October, which, ironically, is also National Candy Corn Day.” Although, wouldn’t that be more of a coincidence? Bud cites on his 2006 blog post Martha Stewart hints for PBAD after the jump, but I think he jests:

According to a Martha Stewart magazine article, we’re supposed to treat Power Bottoms with the utmost respect on this day by gifting them with flowers (preferably rosebuds), fancy non-spicy dinners, easily digestible chocolates (with NO almonds) and, of course, constant verbal praise followed by light fanny pats.

If you have the money and want to go all out, Martha suggests purchasing loose diamonds and then wrapping them in a handmade gift box with a copy of Maya Angelou’s award-winning poem, “My Precious Power Bottom, I’m So Thankful I Got ‘Im.”

Because I saw it first on Wikipedia, I wasn’t sure if there was any truth to it. A Google search proved me wrong. There is even an underwhelming website marking the day. Although there is nothing overly official out there on the subject, the word is well out on what I figure is a top’s favorite holiday. And, if you see anyone donning a pink rose, or officially a rosebud, wish them a happy PBAD.

As for what to get your special PB? Well, the obvious “toy” would be a little too cliche and phallic items from the produce aisle aren’t overly special. But since it’s also Halloween, how about a nice, giant gummy worm? And some imagination.

And it’s ribbed.

—  Rich Lopez

Tim Gunn gets dishy with new tell-all

Tim Gunn, the avuncular mentor on Project Runway and creative director of Liz Claiborne, might be the last person you’d expect to dish cattily and gossip about his colleagues. But that’s exactly what he’s rumored to do in his new book, in stores today, Sept. 7.

“My deathly ill mother, if she’s alive Tuesday, won’t be Wednesday,” Gunn said about the explosiveness of some of his observations in Gunn’s Golden Rules, including Gunn’s suspicion that his father was a closeted gay man who had a sexual relationship with former FBI director J. Edgar Hoover. Among the other revelations:

• “I keep thinking Martha Stewart will never have me back on her show again. I mean, I love her. It’s her bratty daughter who troubles me so, and especially because Alexis is so willing to do this in public.”

• About Gretchen Jones, a contestant on the current season of Project Runway: “The behavior that Gretchen demonstrated on the runway during that Q with the judges is about as close to psychosis as anything I have seen on the show. … I would have sent Gretchen home! I probably would have been mistaken but that’s what I would have done.”

The enitre interview, which appears on the Web site, can be read here.

—  Arnold Wayne Jones

Pyles gets cookin' with Martha Stewart


Dallas celebrichef Stephan Pyles, who pioneered the development of Southwestern cuisine 30 years ago, will be talking with everyone’s favorite domestic goddess, Martha Stewart, on Martha’s Sirius Radio (channel 112) talk show, “Living Today,” at 1 p.m. local time today. Pyles will also discuss his latest concept, the award-winning Samar that opened downtown last summer.

If you don’t have Sirius, you can sign up here for a seven-day free trial to check it out.

—  Arnold Wayne Jones