Video: The clip John McCain’s White House never would’ve made

Another perspective of the DADT repeal signing ceremony, this time from the official cameras from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue:

Behind the Scenes Video: Signing Repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell [White House]

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All Of John McCain’s Pro-DADT Military Buddies Are Abandoning Him

First comes word the Navy's Adm. Gary Roughead appears to be relaxing his explicit support for DADT. And now Air Force Chief of Staff Norton Schwartz, who Sen. John McCain would cite as a supporter of the law, is reportedly pleased with the Pentagon's soon-to-be-unveiled report — something McCain has preemptively dissed. Man, it's gonna be a tough time when all of McCain's dead allies start reversing themselves too.

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Dan Choi On Cindy McCain’s DADT Message (Which She Has Now Retracted)

“Mrs. McCain misses the man she married.”

UPDATE: Oh, but hang on. Mrs. McCain has apparently been knocked into line by her husband.
John Aravosis goes ballistic on AmericaBlog:

Did she lie today or lie yesterday? Either way, she’s a liar, and she should be removed from the NOH8 video because, as of right now, Cindy McCain is a hater. Not to mention, great message she just sent to gay youth. If someone pressures you, cave and support hate. I can’t believe I defended this woman over the past 24 hours to people who tweeted me, and messaged me on Facebook, and said she was a fraud. I argued that she had a done a great thing. And now we see the real Cindy McCain: Hateful two-faced homophobic fraud. Her lying homophobic face needs to be yanked from that video immediately.

Joe. My. God.

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Video: I don’t care what you say — Mccain’s not Gaga

Your morning working mix courtesy of Sean Chapin:

Sean Chapin’s Channel [YT]

H/t: Pam Spaulding


*SEE ALSO: The source clips

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Reid calls McCain’s bluff. Will Brown and Collins vote for the bill again or cave to McConnell?

Earlier today, Servicemember United’s Alex Nicholson delivered a very strong message to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, which was sent via a post at The Hill. Based on what we learned this afternoon from Chris Johnson, it looks like Reid has stepped up. There will be a vote on the Defense Authorization bill, which includes the compromise DADT language.

The immediate hurdle is the filibuster promised by Senator John McCain. You may recall McCain’s temper tantrum on the Senate floor over DADT in July. He’s such a fraud.

In today’s post, Alex says the votes exist to overcome McCain’s filibuster:

Enough support for the bill currently exists to break a filibuster, so the attempts by Senator Reid’s office to blame Senator McCain for the delay falls flat. Senator McCain is the de facto leader of the those opposed repealing the DADT law, and he will surely try to impede progress on this bill. But the overwhelming majority of both Americans and U.S. senators oppose Senator McCain’s tactics, especially a filibuster, so there is simply no excuse for Senator Reid to delay a vote on NDAA any longer.

Delay happens now if the GOPers stick together to block the Defense bill.

Senator Susan Collins (R-ME) already voted for DADT in the Senate Armed Services Committee. Scott Brown (R-MA) has stated publicly that he will not filibuster the Defense Authorization bill over DADT. Also, both Collins and Brown voted to pass the Defense bill out of committee (The Armed Services Committee press release is here. For some reason, that committee’s releases are pdfs)

We’ll see if these Collins and Brown cave to Mitch McConnell, which is what they usually do.

Virginia Democrat Jim Webb was the only Senator to oppose the DADT language in that committee. I can’t imagine Webb will filibuster this Defense bill over DADT.


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McCain’s tantrum on the Senate floor over DADT and hate crimes

McCain had a meltdown on the Senate floor today over hate crimes. He ranted first about hate crimes, then DADT repeal. There’s been a lot of buzz about McCain’s tantrum. Watch for yourself:

Now, there were two recent Senate votes amending hate crimes to the Defense Authorization bill. In 2007, the hate crimes amendment broke the filibuster by vote of 60 – 39 (McCain was absent.) In 2009, the hate crimes amendment broke the filibuster by a vote of 63 – 28. McCain was there. The debate lasted a couple hours, not weeks. Clearly, McCain is easily confused.

It sure sounds like McCain is willing to block consideration of the Defense authorization because of his homophobia. That’s some intense hatred he’s got going on there. The guy just doesn’t seem that stable either.

This gives us an indication of what the battle over DADT repeal is going to be like when the Defense Authorization bill hits the floor.


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