Tin Room owner says rumors that bar was raided last night are false

Marty Hershner, owner of the Tin Room, says rumors that the gay bar on Hudnall Street in Oak Lawn was raided last night are false.

Someone sent a text message to a member of the Dallas Voice editorial staff this morning saying the bar had been raided. Hershner said someone also posted the rumor on their Facebook page, and he got a call from his brother early this morning inquiring about the alleged incident.

“No such thing happened,” Hershner told me. “When you do well, you have lots of haters, and I guess that’s what it is. We were packed last night, and had a great night. It was St. Patrick’s Day.

“That is completely not true,” he added. “They’re just trying to stir up shit. It makes me angry. There were police down the street, but that was dealing with a homeless person, two cops and a homeless guy. That wasn’t even on my property.”

We also put a call in to Dallas police this morning. Sr. Cpl. Kevin Janse said he would check with the vice unit, but we haven’t heard back from him yet.

In related news, Hershner said his new bar on Cedar Springs, the Drama Room, is set to open next week at the site of the old Mickey’s. A VIP night is set for Wednesday, followed by a grand opening on Thursday.

“It’s coming along well,” Hershner said. “I added a dance floor and I just changed all the décor. It was kind of nice before, it was just beat up. I made it much nicer. I’ll put a nice patio out back, and there’s going to be entertainers.”создание сайтов москвараскрутка сайта за 24 часа

—  John Wright

Mickey's closes after 6 years, leaving another vacant building on the Cedar Springs strip

Workers remove the sign from the old Mickey's earlier today. Owner Mickey Briggs said the bar closed for good on Monday night.
Workers remove the sign from the old Mickey’s earlier today. Owner Mickey Briggs said the bar closed for good on Monday night.

Mickey’s, the six-year-old gay bar on Cedar Springs Road, closed for good on Monday night due to a substantial pending increase in the lease rate for the building, according to Mickey Briggs, the owner of the bar. Briggs said the owner of the property wanted to increase the lease rate by several thousand dollars per month in 2010, which he says he can’t afford. Briggs said he looked for another location for the bar but was unable to find one. The majority of the Mickey’s staff has gone to work for the new Brick, according to Briggs, and Mickey the deejay will be moving his Retro Sunday to the Brick beginning this weekend.

“I’m going to spend Christmas cleaning the building and repainting to hopefully get back my deposit,” Briggs told me earlier today. “It’s extremely disappointing to shut down a business that everyone tells me they enjoyed.”

Briggs said he fears the building will remain vacant indefinitely because the owner won’t be able to find a tenant that’s willing to pay the higher lease rate. “We’re going to have another empty building on the street,” he said.

Briggs, who says he needed to retire anyway for health reasons, added that he’s grateful he’ll at least be able to keep his popular Retro Sunday going. “It’ll be exactly the same, it’s just at a different location,” he said. “All the guests over the last six years, I feel I owe it to them to continue the show.”сайтразместить рекламу в интернете

—  John Wright