Dan Choi’s Reenlistment Circus Makes Times Square Tolerable For 5 Minutes

This afternoon, following the Pentagon instructing recruitment offices to let gays apply to enlist, discharge Lt. Dan Choi — who has mastered his public speaking tone — strolled over the Times Square military office to sign up. While gay wannabe soldiers are allowed to sign up, the Pentagon warns them that any "admission" of homosexuality could be used against them at a later date if DADT manages to stay alive.

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—  John Wright

The HRC Gala In Four Minutes

JMG reader Mark S. King recaps last night’s HRC gala in DC in four snarktastic minutes.

Joe. My. God.

—  John Wright

Bishop Eddie Long left podium after 20 minutes

The big build up in the media was that Bishop Eddie Long was to answer the allegations this morning. He did not. He left the podium in twenty minutes. Typical cowardly self loathing homophobe.

Bishop Eddie Long can spare us the whole, “I’m David up against a Goliath…” Seriously, Bishop?

Oh, and mainstream media, lets stop calling in Ted Haggard to get some kind of ridiculous expert witness commentary on this circus. How about calling in a real expert, like John Aravosis or Dan Savage, to comment on the real story of charlatan closeted self loathing homophobic gay preachers?

Also, CNN’s Don Lemon interviewed several members of Long’s church and has made a huge admission that he had been a victim of a pedophile. The church members continue their dogged blind faith in Bishop Long even after the allegations pile up.


—  John Wright