Will Gay Marriage Champion Claire Buffie Be Crowned Miss America Tonight?

Tonight in Las Vegas, the Miss America pageant will crown its 90th beauty, awarding one of fifty-three women a ,000 scholarship and the title and crown, to be passed on by last year's winner Caressa Cameron. The two-hour event will be broadcast live on ABC at 9pm EST. And one possible winner, of course, will be Miss New York Claire Buffie, who's been hitting the headlines and cable news networks (see above) as a same-sex marriage champion, and an all around advocate for heteros supporting LGBT equality — the first contestant in Miss America history to make our rights her central mission. Now raise your hand if you think Buffie will push her gay agenda during the pageants Q&A portion!


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Miss New York to champion gay rights at Miss America pageant

Very cool:

Leave it to a New Yorker to shake things up at the Miss America Pageant.

Instead of sticking to something safe, Miss New York Claire Buffie will be championing gay rights as part of her campaign to become the next Miss America.

Never in the 90-year history of the pageant has a contestant gone to bat for gays. And the 24-year-old brunette knows she’s taking a risk with her “Straight for Equality: Let’s Talk” platform.

But this, she says, is the civil rights struggle of her generation.


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Miss New York To Compete For Miss America On LGBT Rights Platform

Last July, Claire Buffie was named Miss New York after competing on the platform “Straight For Equality: Let’s Talk.” On January 15th, Buffie will be the first-ever Miss America contestant to compete in the name of LGBT rights. Buffie is a board member of NYC P-FLAG and works at the Genius Bar of the Fifth Avenue Apple store. Do I hear the sound of pageant-watching parties being planned all over Chelsea? Count me in!

Joe. My. God.

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Turns Out Cindy McCain Does Not Miss What John McCain Used To Be: They’re Both Liars

"I think it's very significant what she said," says Dan Choi, who is still willing to show his face on MSNBC, about Cindy McCain appearing in the NOH8 PSA. "What you're seeing in the McCain family is Mrs. McCain misses what Mr. McCain was when she married him: a maverick who was able to stand up for what he knew was right, saying that ,'If the military leadership says get rid of it, let's do the right thing and get rid of it.'" LOL! So not only has Cindy reversed her anti-DADT position in 24 hours, but her senator of a husband — who said he would support repeal if military leaders told him they did too — is also ignoring his own previous remarks. This family is a nightmare.

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Census Will Miss Some Gay Couples

CENSUS 2010 X390 (2010.CENSUS.GOV) | ADVOCATE.COMA new survey finds that while 99% of same-sex couples participated in
this year’s Census, one in seven won’t be identified as such in its findings.
Advocate.com: Daily News

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Miss Universe Jimena Navarrete Supports Marriage Equality

Andrés Duque at Blabbeando translates an interview with the recently-crowned Miss Universe, Jimena Navarrete of Mexico. Navarrete is asked her opinion about same-sex marriage:

Navarrete"I believe that every person in this world has the right to profess the beliefs they have and I am in agreement. We have to respect what each human being decides to do with their lives, no? Clearly, there are limitations, of course, also, as there also are with heterosexual couples, no? Better said, there are limitations for any of the two – if they are heterosexual or homosexual – but I believe we have to learn to be respectful because they are people who are the same as us. There is no difference. And I don't believe it's just to discriminate somebody based on the gender they prefer, no? Based on the partner they choose to select, if it's a man or a woman. The truth is that I am absolutely against discrimination and, well, what can I say. I have many friends who are homosexual and I adore them. And they are equal folk: There is no reason we should want to set them aside, there is no reason why we shouldn't let them enjoy what they want to enjoy with their partner."

As you may recall, the Mexican Supreme Court recently declared Mexico City's marriage equality law constitutional and ruled that all Mexican states must recognize same-sex marriages.

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Rare Reporter spotted in Dallas


David Webb, who worked as a news reporter for the Voice for several years until 2008, stopped by our offices to say hello this afternoon during a visit to Dallas. Webb is now city editor at The Delta Democrat Times in Greenville, Miss. Webb, who was perhaps best known around here for his hard-hitting investigative reporting and his weekly column, the Rare Reporter, said he’s found Greenville to be a surprisingly accepting place for LGBT people. He said the city’s progressive nature stretches back to when it was one of the few cities in Mississippi that rejected overtures from the Ku Klux Klan in the 1920s.

“It just has a history of acceptance,” he said. “You can just tell that people aren’t particularly concerned about that issue, and there are a lot of gay people in Greenville. It’s an oddly tolerant city. It’s not what you’d expect in Mississippi.”

At the same time, Webb said he misses Dallas.

“I’ve got a ton of friends in Dallas, and so I miss everybody, and of course Dallas is so organized politically, with all of the community organizations,” he said. “Dallas is a great place for gay people to live, but it’s nice to know that there are rural areas where you can be who you are and not have to worry about it.”

I think I can safely speak for everyone at the Voice in saying we miss David and wish him luck.сайтразместить интернет рекламу

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