Music Monday: Jeffrey Altergott offers free download of new song ‘Resolve’

I think Jeffrey Altergott is living up to his bear status by the looks of his new cover for the single “Resolve.” On Saturday, Altergott announced that this new song is avaiable for free to the first 200. All you do is go here and click “Buy Now.”

Wait. Did I just say “buy?”

Yep. Altergott says that we can name our price for what we think the song is worth. I know. Kinda makes you feel guilty for downloading for free, huh? But hey, he said it’s OK, so if you decide, just name your price at zero dollars — or more. I’m sure he’d appreciate any scratch he can earn along the way.

—  Rich Lopez

Music Monday: Brandon Hilton’s ‘Radioactive’

Love him or hate him, you can’t deny that Brandon Hilton works hard on keeping his music and glam on people’s radar. Not long after releasing his second full-length album, Nocturnal, the Dallas-based artist releases a new single not even on the album. With a video. And by not long, I mean a few weeks.

He announced on his Facebook that the song, video and remixes were all out this past Friday. The guy is clearly ambitious.

Watch the video below.

—  Rich Lopez

Music Monday: Adam Lambert premieres new song ‘Outlaws of Love’ at Canada arts fest


Lambert in Dallas, Sept. 2010.

In this video, Adam Lambert performed at the Sainte Agathe Festival in Quebec, Canada on Friday and premiered this new song from his upcoming album. “Outlaws of Love” got a rousing response from the screaming Glamberts in the crowd and is already making waves across the Interwebs.

His second studio album is slated to come out this year only no specific date has been mentioned.


—  Rich Lopez

Music Monday: Big Freedia drops free EP & video

Homo-hopper Big Freedia clearly knows how to burn the cardio as he teaches this aerobics class how to bounce the pounds away in his new video for “Excuse.” The queer rapper released this vid recently and also teamed up with Scion A/V to release a free five-song EP download on Soundcloud. Score!

He’s back on tour according to his website. These tour dates don’t include Dallas, yet, but how can we ever forget his show at The Loft here in December last year? Or his appearance at NX35 this spring? Here’s hoping he brings some of that “Azz Everywhere” back.

Scion A/V Presents: Big Freedia – Excuse from Scion A/V on Vimeo.

—  Rich Lopez

Music Monday: Free song download (and Britney cover) from lesbian-fronted Finding Jupiter

Finding Jupiter is set to drop their debut EP Io on Tuesday, but you can get a preview of that with a free download of “Stars” on their Facebook page. The band is led by out singer Sarah Masimore, described in a press release as “an active and proud member of the LGBT community, Masimore’s lyrical storytelling draws from her own experiences capturing love, life, and heartache from a viewpoint outside of the Alt-Rock norm.” You can find that out by giving the rockers more of a listen here.

—  Rich Lopez

Music Monday: Hai-Q Music Review — ‘Atavist’

OTEP. Atavist. Victory Records.

What’s a Hai-Q? Just our clever moniker for a queer-based quickie review (the “q” is for queer, get it?). In order to catch up on the large number of CDs coming in, we put our intern to the test of coming up with some poetry to describe the music. We’ll focus on the smaller releases so you won’t miss out on the bigger names, but we wanted to give these guys a shot, too. In Hai-Q Music Review, we’ll first take a poetic approach to the album and then round it out with “Additional notes.”

We’re testing out this quick version of a CD review with the newest from OTEP. The queer-fronted metal band just performed in Dallas, but also recently released their latest album Atavist.


Passionate fury
Bordered on insanity
Finishes with prose

—  admin