7 hottest guys in upcoming movies

7. Adam Brody, Lovelace. Brody is best known the nebbish Seth Cohen on The O.C., but he grows up — substantially — in the new biopic Lovelace playing notoriously well-hung porn actor Harry Reames.

Summer’s almost over, but there are still some things worth seeing at the theater. We don’t mean the movies themselves, but the hot actor and/or characters they play. Here’s our rundown of the seven hottest guys in some upcoming movies.

—  Arnold Wayne Jones

Will any of One Direction come out? These boy bands from the past give us reason to wonder

The boy band phenomenon seems to be on the comeback with groups like The Wanted and Hot Chelle Rae making waves. But One Direction quickly has risen to the top of the heap causing a new British Invasion among mobs of teenage girls waiting to marry any one of the five singers. Cute boys. Pop songs. Big sellers. They have all the makings of hit makers following in the footsteps of ‘N Sync. Now we’re just wondering who will be the next Lance Bass. Some people have already been asking, anyway, so why can’t we?

These boy bands have all had members come out later in their career and for that we are thankful. So Niall, Zayn, Liam, Harry or Louis, if any of you taste the rainbow down the road, you’ll be in pretty good company.

—  Rich Lopez