Final bets at the finale of Team DV’s P-P-P-Poker Tourney

Ante up to the table

Team Dallas Voice and Pocket Rockets Dallas are raising money for the Lone Star Ride Fighting AIDS by holding a P-P-P-Poker Tournament at clubs across town. After three weeks, the event has come to the grand prize final.

Because this is Dallas, not Vegas, the game play is free, so if you want to contribute to the LSR cause, bring cash to enter the raffle. Among the prizes available or that have been won are tickets to see Dolly Parton (we’ll resist the urge to call this one a “booby prize”), Ke$ha and Chelsea Handler,  tickets to the Texas Rangers and Lone Star Park horse races, Starbucks coffee, a set of poker chips, books, grooming supplies and much more … and the final grand prize: Two tickets on American Airlines anywhere in the contiguous U.S.

DEETS: Check out the Facebook event page here for details.

—  Rich Lopez

Dolly Parton Has Just Wonderful Things To Say About The Gays

"I think I've always been accepted in the gay community because I accept them," the fantastic Dolly Parton tells Larry King. "We're supposed to love each other for who and what we are." And while she may not know why gays are different, Dolly says, "You can't tell me that people are any way other than what they're supposed to be. I don't think gay people are trying to just be different just to make other people miserable. I think people are being who they are, and they should be who they are, and … we should be a little more tolerant and a little more accepting, not just the gays, but other people, minorities, we just don't have enough love." Well said, my dear.

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Parton, Latifah Pair for Joyful Noise

DOLLY PARTON QUEEN LATIFAH X390Dolly Parton is heading to the big screen for the first time in nearly
20 years, teaming up with Queen Latifah for the gospel choir feature Joyful
Noise. Daily News

—  John Wright