Ailing woman seeks home for cats

When a member of the community calls and asks for help, we like to respond. Rita Smith has had some health problems and is having to move from her house. She asked if we could help place some of her cats.


Abby is a black and white, 3-year-old neutered male. She found him when he was two weeks old wedged between milk cartons in the garage.

Tiger won’t come out of the closet.

Rita thinks Tiger needs to be an only cat. He’s a 7-pound tabby and he’s camera shy. He followed her around the yard as a kitten until she brought him in the house. Now he hides in the closet because the other cats picked on him.

Jojo, Slate and Heather are siblings. All are solid gray and just 1 year old. She said they could go together or separately. A neighbor dumped them on her doorstep when they were two weeks old. All three are spayed/neutered.

If you can give any of her pets a home, call Rita at 214-363-1087.


—  David Taffet

Sniff around on Thursday

For any pet owners who missed LifeBark Sunday because of the weather, there’s a rain-resistant option available tomorrow. Unleashed, an indoor dog park that opened in East Dallas this past summer, is hosting its first LGBT pooch mixer Thursday. Singles and couples — even those without dogs — are invited to stop by for “adult” beverages, games, music and four-legged friends frolicking about. The cost is $10 for a dog and his/her master, then $3 for each additional dog. (Singles get in for $5 flat.) Call 214-388-0701, ext. 304, for registrations.

—  Arnold Wayne Jones

Get out of my head!


The worst thing about being a pet-person is when people know you’re a pet-person.  I might as well walk around with a sign on my chest that says “sucker.” Our editor knows better than to let me see our Pet of the Week ahead of time — she knows I’d have most of them adopted before the issue hits the stands.

But Dawn Meifert and Philomena Aceto aren’t so kind. Both of them e-mailed me the same flyer for a beautiful dog who needs a home. That’s just mean. Someone, please save me from myself!  I can’t get a girl dog right now! She’s 2, friendly (non-aggressive) and plainly adorable. Call 214-327-2007 if you can adopt.

—  Arnold Wayne Jones