We don’t endorse, but we do issue ‘bat-shit crazy’ warnings


Mary Lou Bruner

Dallas Voice doesn’t endorse in political races. Instead, we print endorsements by Log Cabin Republicans, Stonewall Democrats and Dallas Gay and Lesbian Alliance.

But while we don’t endorse, we do often point out when someone running for office is a complete fucking idiot.

Mary Lou Bruner, running for Texas Board of Education, is bat-shit crazy.

Here’s a sample of things she posted on her Facebook page, which is no longer open to anyone except her friends (Doesn’t that make it harder to run a campaign if your campaign material is only open to your friends?):


“Obama has a soft spot for homosexuals because of the years he spent as a male prostitute in his twenties.”

The age of the earth:

“The dinosaurs on [Noah’s ark] may have been babies and not able to reproduce. . . . After the flood, the few remaining Behemoths and Leviathans may have become extinct because there was not enough vegetation on earth for them to survive to reproductive age.”

Climate change:

“Climate change has nothing to do with weather or climate, it’s all about system change from capitalism (free enterprise) to Socialism-Communism. The Climate Change HOAX was Karl Marx’s idea. It took time to ‘condition’ the people so they would believe such a HOAX!”


“Evolution is a religious philosophy with propaganda supporting the religion of Atheism.”

And will she moderate her views if elected?

“If I’m on the State Board of Education, I’m going to speak up for the things that I believe because I have a First Amendment right,” Bruner wrote.

Yes, she has a First Amendment right to say anything she wants. But, if elected, which is looking very likely, she will swear to God that she will do her job to the best of her ability. Unfortunately, saying stupid things may be the best of her ability, so she may not piss God off.

Bruner is running for District 9 in East Texas. That includes Rockwall, Kaufman and Henderson counties as well as Hunt, Fannin and Grayson counties north and east of Collin County.

—  David Taffet

Haggard claims he over-repented, but evangelist has never apologized for the harm he caused

Ted Haggard

The Wall Street Journal reports that disgraced minister Ted Haggard says he over-repented.

And apparently 200 people have over-forgiven him.

Haggard was the head of the National Association of Evangelicals who got caught over-using meth with a Denver rentboy four years ago. He’s returned to Colorado Springs (after being run out of town by his former organization) and started a new church. The WSJ reports that the church’s band of losers have outgrown Haggard’s barn and are looking for a new, bigger church where they can pray together, but hopefully not over-pray.

How Haggard “over-repented” is not explained by the Rupert Murdoch-owned newspaper. The preacher has not over-apologized — or ever apologized — for his years of gay-bashing or for the harm he caused children growing up in evangelical homes who may have listened to his hate speech or had parents who took his message seriously.

He’s renamed his years of hiring prostitutes and doing drugs his “crisis.” He refers to his encounter with former prostitute Mike Jones as a “massage gone awry.”

Why would anyone go to a church and give money to a meth addict who cheats on his wife?

Members of his new congregation told the newspaper they can relax and be themselves with the imperfect pastor. Maybe the members of his church just like knowing that he’s an even bigger loser than they are.

—  David Taffet