Hilary Swank at the Winspear last night

Boys don’t cry but last night we cringed a few times.

I don’t think the stars were aligned just right last night because Hilary Swank’s speaking appearance at the Winspear was a rather awkward event. And I’m not quite sure who’s to blame. Both she and interviewer/WRR announcer Quin Matthews never seemed to click. But that’s not to say she wasn’t the least bit charming.

When Matthews announced her, she walked out in uber-high heels and a chic black knee-length dress with a floor length “tail” of fabric that looked appropriate but the tail part would have been marked down a point on Project Runway. The moment they sat down though, they never quite clicked. Swank seemed gracious though to be there. The only thing was, it felt more like an interview for an article than an engaging discussion.

Personally, I think Matthews missed out on a lot and focused too much on minor things. Initially, they discussed Amelia but did we need to know that much about The Next Karate Kid? He went on how well-told the movie was and that it was “more physical than Million Dollar Baby.” Swank gave the funniest smirk asked, “Have you seen the movie?”

—  Rich Lopez