Listen to Rick Vanderslice’s show today

I’m making my first guest spot on Rick Vanderslice’s show on today since Rick high-tailed it out of the Northern Hemisphere for the cool Latin rhythms of B.A. Tune in at 2 p.m. today and you can listen to me talk about the summer movies, Dallas theater and other entertainment you can undertake that gets you out of the Texas heat and into air conditioning.

—  Arnold Wayne Jones

Rick Vanderslice makes radio show international

By the time you read this, Rick Vanderslice has already been out of the country for a day and is probably lounging on the beaches of South America. Vanderslice, the veteran broadcaster, who has hosted a very gay, liberal-leaning talk show at Rational Radio for a few years, has decided to take a escape the revenuers and head south (well, that’s my take on it). But that doesn’t mean the show it going anywhere.

Rick called me last week to say he was taking about six months to head for Argentina — only his third sabbatical in a long career. He’s not sure how long he’ll be there, he said (probably six months or so) but until he’s back on Texas soil, he will do the radio show via Skype, every weekday afternoon. (It may be a week or so before they work the kinks out, he said, so be patient for its return.)

He plans to have a few more international guests as well, including a semi-regular contributor who will also Skype from Moscow. But he’ll still deal with some local issues, so expect Dallas folks to keep appearing on the show. (I’ll still be contributing on occasion, when they ask me.)

Rick is also gonna be sending the Voice updates from Argentina, little postcards about gay life in South America.

—  Arnold Wayne Jones

'The Jack E. Jett Show' to broadcast from ilume for December

Jack E. Jett is movin’ on up to the new Cedar Springs hotspot. Teaming up with Luke Crosland from the Crosland Group, Jett has created Radio ilume for the month of December. His first special guest co-host for the new radio adventure is legendary local TV personality, Bobby Wygant. His special guests list is pretty hot too.

This week he’ll have retired NBA player and gay advocate John Amaechi, Hal Sparks from Queer As Folk, Ed Asner, The Price is Right‘s Bob Barker and Debbie Reynolds who Jett describes as “a pre-Madonna queen’s best friend.”

If the cold is going to keep you in, you can catch the Jack E. Jett Show on 1360 AM Rational Radio, or at at 1 p.m on Saturday and Sunday. Or even stream it video-style by visiting and search for the show by name. But who knows — he might let you peek in if you show up.bitcointradeпродвижение сайта в поиске

—  Rich Lopez

Rational Radio gets even gayer on Sunday

Rational Radio, which airs on 1360 AM locally, already has a pretty gay weekend lineup with The Jack E. Jett Show on Saturday and Sunday afternoons. Now, Sundays start getting gay in the morning.

On Oct. 4, gay radio vet Rick Vanderslice teams up with poet R.J. Jackson for the premiere of The Rick and R.J. Radio Show, a weekly two-hour chatfest that pairs a young Gen-Yer with a Baby Boomer. The inaugural guest is Lambda Literary Award winner (and occasional Dallas Voice contributor) Jenny Block. The second hour will feature interviews conducted during the Alan Ross Texas Freedom Parade.

And immediately after, you can get your Jack online mobileоптимизация сайта отзывы

—  Arnold Wayne Jones