Tex’n the City: Item No. 10 — Rounding the corner

Just weeks before his 30 birthday, Brandon James Singleton finally has a revelation that will prepare him for 30, 40 and beyond… 

“So here’s what you missed on Glee.”

Wait — wrong intro.

Earlier this week, I has another date with Remy, a new guy I’ve been seeing.

He had me at hello: Hot! Named Remy! An accent! As long as he’s not hiding some secret alcoholic or deep-rooted drug addiction, he’s in!

He took me to a restaurant in Huntington Beach. Going good.

Then he brought up Tex’n the City.

At first it was easy stuff, like when it started, what it was for, etc. Then he asked what he probably thought was another easy question: “How do you feel at this point with what you’ve done so far?”

Hmmm. I didn’t really have an answer. Then he asked, “If you hadn’t this, how do you think you’d feel now?

That one was easier: “Miserable.”

—  Arnold Wayne Jones