Judge Deciding Whether Uganda’s Rolling Stone Can Print Front Page ‘Hang Them’ News

Tomorrow a judge will tell Uganda's Rolling Stone newspaper whether launching a restaurant in LA is a stupid idea it can continue printing the names, faces, and home addresses of gays and lesbians under headlines like "Hang Them." It's unclear whether the judge's ruling will pertain only to Giles Muhame's rag or all media, but something tells me it's nothing a subscription drive can't fix!

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Rolling Stone Editor Giles Muhame: Violence Against Uganda’s Gays Isn’t My Fault

Ugh. It appears the Uganda newspaper Rolling Stone's attempt to incite violence against its Top 100 list of homos is working: "Several people have been attacked in Uganda after a local newspaper published their names and photos, saying they were homosexual, an activist has told the BBC. Frank Mugisha said one woman was almost killed after her neighbours started throwing stones at her house. He said most of those whose names appeared in Uganda's Rolling Stone paper had been harassed." Not that backers of the two-month-old Rolling Stone are taking responsibility: Editor Giles Muhame says that despite a call to "hang" the people on his list, he wants only for law enforcement to investigate those "recruiting children to homosexuality." And then execute the guilty.

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Pam’s House Blend Prop 8 News Rolling Open Thread

This is the catch-all thread for news prior to the decision, which is supposed to come down between 4PM and 6PM EDT. It will be bumped up over the course of the day as updates/news comes in; fresh Blend brew will fall below this post.

Post links of information you come across in the comments.

* Your first stop should be Chris Geidner’s Prop 8 Decision Day FAQ at MetroWeekly. He has eight items you should know. His intro:

It’s deja vu all over again for California and across the nation, as the court released word that the decision in Perry v. Schwarzenegger will be handed down later today, Wednesday, August 4. So, what does this mean? This is a primer related to the lawsuit and the legal decision; I will leave for other times and other posts any political or “movement” implications or consequences.

* If you’re looking for a roundup of cities where there are going to be public rallies after the ruling, head over to Rex Wockner’s pad, where he is collecting that info. If you know of any cities that aren’t on his list, you can email the info him at rexsbc-prop8@yahoo.com.

* Pre-emptive legal flop sweat on the pro-Prop 8 side. Lisa Keen reports that the legal team representing bigotry is ready for a loss.

Attorneys representing supporters of Proposition 8 filed a motion with U.S. District Court Judge Vaughn Walker Tuesday asking that-if he should rule Wednesday in favor of Proposition 8 opponents-he issue a stay of his decision to enable them to appeal.

Such a stay, if granted, would prevent “another purported window of same-sex marriage in California,” stated the attorneys, led by conservative Charles Cooper.

* In an exclusive to the Blend: not long after the ruling we will have legal analysis by National Center for Lesbian Rights Legal Director Shannon Price Minter and Senior Staff Attorney Christopher Stoll.

You can read NCLR analysis of the trial to date at the Blend.

* And as you can see in the left sidebar, we are following #prop8 tweets today via Hootsuite.
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