Scenes from the Miss Gay USofA Classic Pageant at the Round-Up


The Round-Up Saloon played host to Night Two of the annual Miss Gay USofA Classic Pageant on Monday. Similar to the Miss Gay USofA Pageant in every way save for an age requirement, Classic boasted 29 contestants, all ages 40 or above as per the rules. Contestants hailed from all over the country, the closest being Dallas’ very own Edna Jean Robinson and UnShante DeFoxx, and the farthest being Marina Del Rey, who traveled from Hawaii. Amy DeMilo won the title with Roxie Hart and Victoria Lace finishing as first and second runners-up, respectively.

Night One of the pageant set the stage for the elimination of all but the top 12 competitors. Remaining contestants competed in two categories: Evening Gown and Talent. In many instances multiple talent presentations were as flashy, intricate and creative as the gowns worn. With five minutes allotted to each contestant to set up the stage, many took advantage, and — with the help of each contestant’s own personal team — assembled elaborate sets adorned with props, hidden places for costume changes, and specially made backdrops. One in particular was Billie Jean, the winner of Miss Gay New England USofA Classic. With three costume changes during the allotted seven minutes of performance time, Jean began with a costume bearing a striking resemblance to Wonder Woman, then transformed to impersonate Annie Lennox from the Eurythmics, and ended as a priest(ess), complete with collar and rosary. Another over-the-top performance was given by first runner-up Roxie Hart. With the help of two professional ballet dancers, Hart put on her own rendition of Black Swan, with herself in the title role, and received a standing ovation at the conclusion of her talent presentation.

—  Patrick Hoffman

Round-Up apologizes for glitch causing month of bar tabs to be processed

Screen shot 2013-04-10 at 3.22.26 PM

The Round-Up Saloon posted the above on Facebook this afternoon, unleashing a torrent of angry comments including some from customers who say their debit accounts are now overdrawn — and one who says he may have to sell his belongings to pay his bills (no, we’re not kidding).

We also received an email from a Round-Up customer who reminded us that “high dollar amounts over the past month were likely easily accumulated with St. Patrick’s Day weekend and Bear Weekend.”

“I have no doubt that several people were waking up to overdraft charges today; which undoubtedly the Round Up will not reimburse. I’ve heard stories of people who were charged $6-700 today,” the customer wrote. “I am incredibly disappointed in the Round Up — which if I remember correctly, is supposed to be one of the friendliest bars in Dallas. I will likely not frequent there any time soon.”

Alan Pierce, co-owner of the Round-Up, told Instant Tea the problem apparently started due to a glitch with a single transaction last month. However, he said the Round-Up didn’t become aware of the problem until earlier this month. Pierce said he’s had dozens of phone calls from customers already today — prompting him to post the item on Facebook and place signs at all of the cash registers.

“Obviously this has never happened before, and this is not something we ever expected to happen,” Pierce said. “We had no idea this was going on.”

Pierce said he thinks both the bank and the credit card processing company should have caught the problem sooner. However, they’ve told him they’re not legally liable. He doesn’t believe the Round-Up is liable, either, but he said the bar is the one that will ultimately suffer.

“We’ll be the ones left holding the bag here,” he said. “We feel badly that it’s affecting customers this way.”

Pierce said he didn’t want to make any promises, but said people with questions should contact the office.

“We’ll deal with them individually on that,” he said.

“Sadly, it’s a glitch of technology,” he added. “We’ll be monitoring it much more closely.”

—  John Wright

Round-Up Saloon patron accuses club of anti-Hispanic discrimination

A Round-Up Saloon patron says he fears the bar is discriminating against Hispanic clubgoers who have permanent resident visas, but management says it accepts them.

Eddie Munoz said he and a friend visiting from out of town went to the Round-Up on Tuesday night after the Lady Gaga concert. Gaga was expected to appear at the club after her Dallas performance.

But when Munoz’s friend presented his permanent resident visa — commonly called a “green card” — the doorman told him that management had changed the policy to no longer accept them as valid IDs. When Munoz and his friend asked to speak to a manager, Munoz said they were rudely told to wait outside.

“It was a perfectly legitimate ID. We never had issues before,” Munoz said. “I was infuriated.”

While waiting, Munoz said he saw a group of women who looked Hispanic being turned away with their IDs in their hands.

Munoz ended up texting a friend already inside the club to seek out a manager to address the issue. His friend spoke to a manager who then approved the ID and let them in.

But Munoz said his friend, who is from Mexico but lives in South Texas, had been admitted to the club last Saturday and Sunday using the same ID, so he wanted to know why the policy had suddenly changed, but he said they were never given an answer Tuesday night.

—  Dallasvoice

PHOTOS: Lady Gaga at the American Airlines Center — but not the Round-Up

As most Little Monsters probably know, Lady Gaga is not allowing media photo coverage of her Born This Way Ball, which stopped at the American Airlines Center in Dallas last night. But our Chuck Marcelo went as a spectator and managed to grab some pretty decent shots anyway. Unfortunately, for the first time in three tours, Gaga didn’t show up at the Round-Up Saloon afterward, leading to some hurt feelings since the bar had announced earlier in the day that she would be there. The Round-Up has since pulled its original post advertising Gaga’s appearance. As of this morning, the bar hadn’t posted an official apology, but this thread on its Facebook page seemed indicative of the back and forth:


Check out the rest of Chuck’s pics below. To read Rich Lopez’s review, go here.

—  C Marcelo

Round-Up Gaga watch begins

—  John Wright

Thanksgiving meals served Wed. at Resource Center, Thurs. at Round-Up

Local AIDS service providers are offering Thanksgiving meals before the holiday, and the Texas Gay Rodeo Association and the Round-Up Saloon are making sure everyone gets a holiday meal on the holiday.

AIDS Interfaith Network‘s Daire Center provided a big holiday meal last weekend and another today.

For Resource Center Dallas, Wednesday is the day of the holiday meal. RCD has a daily lunch program on weekdays but the Thanksgiving lunch will be elaborate and open to the public.

“It’s longer than normal because demand is increasing every year,” RCD Communications and Advocacy Manager Rafael McDonnell said.

McDonnell said they will not be checking client IDs and everyone is welcome. Lunch will be served in the Rainbow Room where the program normally takes place — with coffee and desert in the Color Rooms.

“We have 12 turkeys, our own cornbread dressing and other traditional sides,” he said.

TGRA is serving Thanksgiving dinner at the Round-Up Saloon on Thursday. That dinner is open to the public.

“We wanted to do something special for the community,” said TGRA President Butch Compton.

He said he contacted AIN and RCD to tell them to send their clients. About 400 people are expected at the Round-Up.

Compton said everything’s donated. On Wednesday, volunteers are picking up pieces of the meal to prepare and cook at home. He said he has 30 turkeys, nine hams, 25 pies, 100 cupcakes and lots more. Donations of food are not needed but cash donations to help defray the costs are welcome.

“We reached out to friends and family,” Compton said.

Any money that doesn’t go toward the meal, he said, would go to RCD, AIN or Legacy Counseling Center.

Volunteers are still needed. To volunteer, send an email to Compton.

—  David Taffet

Crawfish Boil at the Round-Up Saloon tonight

Up in your craw

—  Rich Lopez

DFW Sisters stuffing the turkeys for charity

Members of the DFW Sisters will be out in force on Cedar Springs Wednesday night, Nov. 23, making their rounds with their turkey banks to raise funds to benefit “DFW Sisters’ mission towards safe sex education, community fundraising and sharing some LOVE!”

They will be out between 6 p.m. and 2 a.m., hitting all the bars along the Cedar Springs Strip before heading over to The Brick/Joe’s and Dallas Eagle. Then, if time permits, they’ll head back to the Strip.

So when keep your change handy and when you see a Sister on Wednesday night, stuff that turkey!

—  admin

Get ready to Frolick!

Members of North Texas Council of Club's Fall Frolick Committee are: from left, Gaylon Maddox, Larry Harrell, Dan Nagel, Pancho Loza, Adam Lynn, Mike Hensley, Dan Perry, Marshal Styers and Wayne Davis.

The North Texas Council of Clubs is trying out something new this weekend with their “Fall Frolick” weekend, beginning tonight.

The event, which event chairman Dan Perry said will hopefully become an annual gathering, is three days of cocktail parties, meals and fellowship. “No contests, no classes. Just people getting together for a weekend to have a lot of fun,” Perry said.

Everything begins tonight, with registration opening at 6 p.m., at Club Reflections in Fort Worth (with free shuttle bus service from The Hidden Door for all you Dallasites who want to visit Cowtown without the hassle of driving.)

Then on Saturday morning, the party moves to Woody’s in Dallas from 9 to noon, then to the Round-Up Saloon at 1 p.m. The party winds up for the night at Dallas Eagle. Sunday begins with lunch at noon and the Fall Frolick Follies at 1 at Station 4. The party moves to The Hidden Door at 3 and winds up back at Dallas Eagle with the Sinners Sunday Social and barbecue at 6 p.m. and TGRA’s “Thanks for the Giving” show at 7 p.m.

And the perhaps the best thing about the weekend is that you get all this for just $10 for those from Dallas, Tarrant, Collin, Rockwall, Kaufman, Ellis, Denton, Johnson, Parker and Wise Counties. Anyone coming in from outside those counties gets in for free!

Go to the Fall Frolick website to get a complete schedule, and you can also read up on the North Texas Council of Clubs while you’re there. Now in its fourth year, the council comprises a variety of  leather, bear, cowboy and drag groups from around DFW primarily to “foster brotherhood, sisterhood and camaraderie among member organizations and other organizations, associations, courts, local bars and businesses in the Dallas/Fort Worth community.” The council’s second main effort is its Community Calendar, created to help council members keep track of what’s happening around the Metroplex and avoid conflict schedules so that each members of each organization are more easily able to attend and participate in events planned by other organizations.

NTCC currently has 22 member organizations, and you can see who they are — and link to their individual websites — here.

—  admin

FW Councilman Joel Burns, rugby star Ben Cohen will be among dignitaries at Dallas Pride

Alan Ross Texas Freedom Parade dignitaries for 2011 include, from left, male co-grand marshals Gary Miller and Alan Pierce, female grand marshal Chris Bengston and honorary grand marshal Joel Burns.  British rugby star Ben Cohen, pictured below, is special VIP guest for the Pride festivities this year.

Round-Up Saloon owners— and life partners — Alan Pierce and Gary Miller will share male grand marshal honors for the 2011 Alan Ross Texas Freedom Parade on Sept. 18, and longtime Caven Enterprises employee and community volunteer Chris Bengston will be female grand marshal, according to information released by the Dallas Tavern Guild, the organization of local LGBT nightclubs that puts on the parade each year.

Gay Fort Worth City Councilman Joel Burns, who made national headlines last year with his emotional speech during a council meeting to tell LGBT teens considering suicide that life does get better, will be honorary grand marshal. The theme for this year’s parade is “It Only Gets Better.”

The Tavern Guild is dedicating its annual Pride Guide — the magazine published at the first of September each year to detail Dallas Pride activities — to the North Texas GLBT Chamber of Commerce. And British rugby star Ben Cohen, who has campaigned against homophobia and bullying, will be the Tavern Guild’s special VIP guest at the parade this year.

Ben Cohen

—  admin