Karl Rove, Lesbian Sister Jennie Run to Christine O’Donnell’s Defense

What to do when you're Delaware's new GOP Senate pick Christine O'Donnell and both the Republican machine and lefty liberals are attacking you for being a curse on the GOP and a curse on The Gays? Get everyone to start defending you. Like Karl Rove and your lesbian sister!


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—  John Wright

Video: Hannity and Rove jump into a catfight over teabagger O’Donnell’s win in Delaware

Enjoy a giant serving of delicious schadenfreude in this video as Sean Hannity gets a smackdown by Karl Rove over the success of anti-masturbator, anti-gay winner of the Delaware U.S. Senate GOP primary, teabagger Christine O’Donnell:

Hat tip to Digby, who said:

Oooh. Daddy Karl and Uncle Sean had quite the spat tonight. How long before they drum Rove out of the party? Sorry Karl, you and your friends birthed this hideous monster and now it’s turning on you. Did you think you would be immune?

Here’s the video from Rachel’s show, where they snagged O’Donnell’s anti-masturbation appearance for MTV:

Pam’s House Blend – Front Page

—  John Wright

Mehlman Sets Record Straight on Rove

Rove x390 (Getty) I Advocate.comKen Mehlman, the former campaign manager to George W. Bush who came out
in an interview with The Atlantic Wednesday, says Karl Rove’s claims he
didn’t help engineer anti–gay marriage amendments in states to help Bush
win reelection in 2004 are false.
Advocate.com: Daily News

—  John Wright