Cloris Leachman is pretty cool

The gay community celebrates its old ladies who are cool with gay rights. Since Rue McClanahan died — she who appeared in Dallas last year at a gay event — we’ve apparently switched our focus toward Cloris Leachman.

On Saturday, the 80-year-old Oscar winner and Dancing with the Stars phenom will share grand marshal duties with Harvey Milk’s nephew Stuart in the San Diego Gay Pride Parade. Its her third Pride parade. Way to go, Cloris! You can read about it here.

—  Arnold Wayne Jones

Rue McClanahan dies of massive stroke

Rue McClanahan and me
Rue McClanahan and me

Rue McClanahan died at 1 a.m. Thursday of a massive stroke.

She had bypass surgery last fall and was also a breast cancer survivor.

The former Golden Girl was in Dallas last September with Del Shores to perform a stand-up comedy show. She called her portion “sit-down” comedy.

I interviewed McClanahan by phone and was told I’d have 30 minutes. After an hour, she asked if she could run to the bathroom and then call me back. We spoke for another hour.

While on the phone with her, we recalled our favorite “Golden Girls” and “Maude” episodes. We recited lines to each other and laughed for an hour.

—  David Taffet

Golden Girl recovering from stroke

Rue McClanahan and me
Rue McClanahan and me

This week, it was announced that Rue McClanahan is recovering from a stroke.

After appearing in Dallas in September (which is when the above picture was taken), McClanahan had bypass surgery in November. While recovering, she suffered a stroke. The clot was successfully removed from her brain and she spent two weeks in intensive care. The stroke was considered mild and she is expected to recover.

We love you Rue. The 30 minute interview I did with her lasted two hours and we had a ball talking. We have the same favorite “Golden Girls” episode and giggled like school girls reciting favorite lines back and forth to each other.

Here’s a link to that interview. And Rue, get well. We love you here at the Dallas for macпоисковое продвижение сайтов раскрутка

—  David Taffet