Seth Stambaugh Booted From Oregon Elementary For Telling Students He Cannot Marry Another Man

Seth Stambaugh, a 23-year-old graduate teaching student at Lewis & Clark College, says he was removed as a student teacher at a Portland, Oregon area elementary school because he told students he is gay. Or was it because he dared discuss the state's same-sex marriage ban?


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—  John Wright

Vigils planned in wake of 4 gay-bullying suicides

Asher Brown

Vigils are reportedly being planned around the country for the weekend of Oct. 9-10 to honor and remember the four youth who’ve recently committed suicide in response to anti-gay bullying and harassment. Those youth are Asher Brown, 13, of Houston; Seth Walsh, 13, of Tehachapi, Calif.; Billy Lucas, 15, of Greensburg, Ind.; and Tyler Clementi of New Jersey.

A conference call is planned for Thursday night, Sept. 30 to coordinate the vigils. We’ll have more info as soon as it becomes available.

—  John Wright

Mother of gay murder victim Richard Hernandez dies without seeing justice for her son’s death

Richard Hernandez

A few weeks ago Rudy Araiza, who was a close friend of gay Dallas murder victim Richard Hernandez’s, voiced his frustration over continued delays in the prosecution of Hernandez’s accused killer, Seth Lawton Winder. Today, Araiza sends along word that Hernandez’s mother has passed away:

“Well I’m witting this letter to just reach out to you and inform you that it’s a terrible thing when your son’s passing is still at a point where no justice has been made for going on two years. And in your own life (Richard’s mom) you are struggling with pain, sadness, emptiness and health problems that don’t make it any easier to live with, until one day you die. Only to never really understand or find the justice you wanted for your son, yourself, friends or family, and having so much on your plate. Mary Garcia Hernandez passed away Monday, Aug. 23, 2010 from health issues she was dealing with. I can only pray to God and thank Him for not making her suffer anymore. Now in my heart I know that although she was suffering from the loss of her oldest son, and her health, that God will bring them together in the heavens above. I pray that her family will one day come to see the light from all this tragedy that has happened within a two year time span, and that we hold together and send a prayer out to them for all their grief.”


Rudy Araiza

—  John Wright

Per Seth McFarland, You Can Call Me A “Stupid Homosexual”

In a Details Magazine‘s piece — entitled Seth MacFarlane Sounds Off — Seth MacFarlane makes a great statement about Prop 8:

Details: Family Guy tackled gay marriage in its fourth season-two years before Prop 8.

Seth MacFarlane: The ridiculous thing about something like Prop 8 is that it will be overturned. They put something like million into that campaign, and they might as well have just bet all that money on the Red Sox. Image: Screenshot From Family Guy of Quagmire's Dad; Link: GLAAD's Fox Planning to Re-Air Problematic Episode of Family GuyIt’s wasted money because that civil-rights battle will be won eventually. They’ll just have to sulk in a corner and accept the fact that gays will be able to marry each other. Every civil-rights conflict-black people, women-comes to an end in the right way.

Then Seth MacFarlane follows that up with what I consider an asinine couple of comments on the Family Guy and The Cleveland Show episodes with transgender/transsexual characters (italic emphasis added):

Details: You predicted that another episode — about a transgendered character — would make the LGBT community happy. It didn’t.

Seth MacFarlane: That surprised me. I don’t meet a lot of stupid homosexuals. They seem to be a pretty smart bunch. But it seemed that they were not picking up on the fact that it was a very sympathetic portrayal of a transsexual character.

Details: Maybe the fact that Brian barfs his guts out when he realizes he’s had sex with a transsexual threw them off.

Seth MacFarlane: Hey, we’re still Family Guy. We’re not suddenly going to become 7th Heaven. Actually, I guess on 7th Heaven they would probably burn the transsexual at the stake. Let me think of another example. We’re not Mr. Belvedere. Look, Brian happens to be a heterosexual character, as I am. If I found out that I had slept with a transsexual, I might throw up in the same way that a gay guy looks at a vagina and goes, “Oh, my God, that’s disgusting.” It’s just the way we’re biologically wired. They should give that another look.

I’m not a “homosexual.” I’m a transsexual who sociopolitically identifies as transgender, and you can classify my sexuality as functionally asexual. I personally found the extended barfing by characters in both the Family Guy and The Cleveland Show to be disrespectful, insulting, and absolutely abhorrent; I didn’t find the portrayal of the two trans characters to be a sympathetic portrayals of folk in the trans subcommunity of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community.

But hey, don’t mind my opinion — Apparently, Seth MacFarlane considers me to be just one of the “stupid homosexuals.”



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—  John Wright