Vandals scrawl ‘fag’ on lesbian couple’s apartment door in South Texas

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Alysa Evans woke up Monday morning to find “FAG” written on her apartment wall in Poteet, a small town about 30 miles south of San Antonio.

Evans told KENS 5 that her fiancée was just getting off her first shift and she went outside to smoke a cigarette when she and her 2-year-old son saw the anti-gay slur.

She called police to report it, but they are not investigating it as a hate crime because it was written in chalk and didn’t cause any damage. Instead they are investigating it as vandalism.

“Police came out and they said if I can find something more original or catch it in the process, then they can do something about it,” Evans said.

The apartment complex’s maintenance workers later washed off the slur.

“Great job on your artwork,” Evans said. “Could have been a little more creative. Because I know I’m a fag. But great job. My 2-year-old applauded you.”

Evans said that while some people are targeting her family out of hate, she and her fiancée will always teach their son to love.

“We’re raising him in a home that loves no matter what,” she said.

Watch KENS 5’s report below.

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HRC to Sarah Palin: Use Daughter’s Facebook Slur as Teachable Moment

According to media accounts, someone watching the new Palin reality show posted on Facebook that the show was failing.  That prompted Willow Palin to respond by saying, “Haha your so gay. I have no idea who you are, But what I’ve seen pictures of, your disgusting… My sister has a kid and is still hot…. Tre stfu. Your such a faggot.” [sic]

Today HRC called on the former Republican Vice Presidential candidate and current reality TV show star Sarah Palin to come out against the kind of anti-LGBT bullying sadly typified by her 16-year-old daughter’s posting on Facebook. 

“Anti-gay language by teenagers often starts at home – or at least, that’s where it should be stopped,” said HRC President Joe Solmonese.  “It is our sincere hope that Sarah Palin will take this opportunity to speak out and condemn these kinds of insensitive remarks.  It’s time for ‘Mamma Grizzly’ to teach all youngsters a lesson in decency and respect.”

Over the past year a number of teenagers have taken their own lives after being the victims of anti-gay bullying or harassment by other teenagers – most predominantly in the mid-teenage age range of Willow Palin.  Many public figures, including President Obama, have addressed the issue, telling teenagers who are struggling with their sexuality and the bullying and harassment that sometimes goes with it, that it will get better. Sarah Palin has remained silent about the bullying-related suicides while publicly supporting political candidates who oppose equality and have anti-gay records including Christine O’Donnell in Delaware and Sharron Angle in Nevada.

“Sarah Palin has gotten away with not speaking up when the nation’s kids needed her most,” Solmonese said. “Sarah Palin, we ask you, will you use this as a teachable moment and tell all of our young people that this kind of language is simply unacceptable?”

To help stop the name-calling, bullying and gender stereotyping that so many students face every day, the HRC Foundation has developed the Welcoming Schools initiative.  This innovative program gives elementary school administrators, teachers and parents across the country the tools to prevent bias-based teasing and harassment among elementary school students.  It helps kids learn respect and tolerance early on, to prevent violence later in middle and high school.

“Willow Palin might not have gotten the kind of anti-bullying and name-calling lessons that could have made her think twice about this kind of language,” added Solmonese. “But there’s no reason her mother can’t use this moment as a way to reach out and make every young person feel valued and accepted.”

Human Rights Campaign | HRC Back Story

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Gay U-Mass Dartmouth Student’s Car Vandalized With Anti-Gay Slur

A gay student at UMass Dartmouth parked his car on campus Saturday afternoon, only to return to it later painted with anti-gay slurs. "We’ve never experienced anything like this before,’’ says a university spokesman. “This is a very isolated incident." Police investigating the incident agree. Chancellor Jean F. MacCormack sent an email to students alerting them to the incident, described as "a crime against an individual but also an affront to the very essence of our community," and reminding them there resources available for anyone who feels bullied or harassed. "As members of a community that highly value every person, we must join together to condemn this cowardly act,’’ MacCormack says. “We must join in support of this student and all members of our GLBT community who — like all of us — seek to be treated with respect and dignity as they pursue their dreams and aspirations here." To see such an immediate reaction from UMass Dartmouth brass is encouraging, especially in the Clementi Era.


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Vince Vaughn ‘clarifies’ that gay slur isn’t about gays, just being gay, or being like gays, or something

Yes, and I’m sure when he uses the n-word he doesn’t mean black people, he means the “other” meaning of the n-word. What an idiotic thing to say.


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Slur Costs Aussie Swimmer Her Jag Deal

Rice x390 (pickup) I Advocate.comAustralian rugby star Ian Roberts has condemned Olympic swimmer
Stephanie Rice, who broadcast a homophobic slur on her Twitter page
Saturday night. Daily News

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