Is what the server put on this receipt offensive?

993405_10201802866864309_602609731_nWe’ve all been to a restaurant and gotten a receipt that identified us as “Table 4” or “Station 12” or “Diners 1-4.” It’s how restaurants keep track of their customers. No prob.

But a waitress in York, England, used not only “Table 11” and “Stools” to keep track of her customers, but this indication “Gay guys.”

And it turns out, the guys were not gay.

Maybe she meant they looked happy (possibly, if she was alive in 1923). But she was probably just profiling them.

So my question is: Is this offensive?

Before you answer, keep in mind: I always dine out, see a table, and tell my dining companion, “Did you see that dessert?” “Which one?” “The one those gay guys at the next table ordered.” C’mon, you know you do it. Is it worse when a server does it — or worse when you are straight? And it’s it more offensive that she charged them two pounds (about three bucks!) for “half” a Diet Coke?

—  Arnold Wayne Jones

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—  Rich Lopez