More Police Blotter: Drag queen steals $30 from tip jar at Subway on Cedar Springs strip

We’ll be posting our new weekly Police Blotter feature on Mondays — minus the flashing lights — but the following late addition to the reports from over the weekend was just too good not to share:

According to a police report, a man dressed as a woman entered the Subway at 3928 Cedar Springs at about 2:15 p.m. on Sunday, and proceeded to order a sandwich. When an employee began making the sandwich, the suspect removed a tip jar from the counter and placed it in his purse. After the employee told the suspect to put the tip jar back, the suspect took the jar out of the purse, emptied its contents into the purse, and placed the jar back on the counter — before fleeing.

The employee told police he’s seen the suspect multiple times and that the suspect has stolen bags of chips from the business in the past. The tip jar’s contents were estimated at $30.

—  John Wright

Instant Subway Hero

This subway flasher totally picked the wrong woman to mess with. From one account, it appears that the flasher had a condom on and was flashing his junk from behind his messenger bag. This guy is so busted, he doesn’t even defend himself.

Joe. My. God.

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Icelandic Subway Sandwich Artist Won’t Serve Footlongs To Pink-Wearing Homos

A Subway restaurant worker who refused over the weekend to serve a customer he believed was gay was fired. And it sure sounds like we missed a lovely showdown!


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WATCH: ‘A Vigil for the Lost’ on Cedar Springs honors victims of anti-gay bullying, harassment

The names of gay suicide victims were read during a brief ceremony at the Legacy of Love Monument.

About 100 people gathered on the Cedar Springs strip Sunday night to pay tribute to the many young victims of anti-gay bullying and harassment who’ve taken their own lives in recent weeks.

Turnout was surprisingly strong given that the vigil had been publicized primarily on Facebook. However, the Dallas Voice appeared to be the only media outlet present.

“A Vigil for the Lost,” organized by the DFW Sisters, began in the parking lot of the Oak Lawn library, where the Sisters passed out programs, glowsticks and ribbons. The Subway store on Cedar Springs donated 200 sandwiches.

One of the Sisters was wearing a “Veil of Tears” that was laid over the back of a pickup truck in the parking lot. People were encouraged to use Sharpies to record on the veil anti-gay epithets that have been used against them. Attendees scrawled things like “Faggot,” “Fucking Queer” and “God made AIDS to kill faggots.” The Sisters said the Veil of Tears would be burned following the vigil.

From the library, the mourners walked silently down the north side of Cedar Springs Road, taking up more than a full block at times, to the Legacy of Love Monument at Oak Lawn Avenue. Revelers outside bars on the strip asked what the vigil was about as the marchers walked silently past.

At the monument, the names of youth who’ve committed suicide were read, between refrains of “Stop the Bullying” and “Never Again,” during a brief ceremony. Video and more photos from the vigil are below.

—  John Wright

'Taj Majal of Subways' on Cedar Springs will give you 6 free inches in a grand opening

Chet Whisanent before his store's opening
Chet Whisanent before the store’s soft opening in April.

After a soft opening on April 16, the new Subway store on Cedar Springs is gearing up for a grand opening weekend June 11-13.

Other Subway franchise owners in the area who’ve been by the new Cedar Springs restaurant were impressed.

“They’ve been calling us the Taj Mahal of Subways,” said gay owner Chet Whisenant.

He said it’s the first Subway with granite counter tops and vessel sinks in the restrooms. The store also has big-screen TVs and an outdoor seating area.

—  David Taffet

Subway opening scheduled

Chet Whisenant
Chet Whisenant, owner of new Subway

Gaying up the place just right sometimes takes an extra week or two.

Chet Whisenant, owner of the new Subway on Cedar Springs Road, called with a new tentative opening date. He plans to open on April 14.

See related story in last week’s Dallas Voice.siteроскрутка сайта

—  David Taffet

Subway coming to Cedar Springs

Subway will occupy the space between Hunky's and TapeLenders.
Subway will occupy the storefront that’s currently covered in white plywood, between the new Hunky’s and TapeLenders.

A representative from Subway restaurants confirmed Tuesday afternoon that the sandwich shop chain has signed a lease to open a store on the Cedar Springs strip, at the site of the old Crossroads Market. The Subway store will occupy the space between Hunky’s, which is moving across Throckmorton Street to the corner of the newly renovated building, and TapeLenders. Hunky’s will be in the portion of the Crossroads building that was devoted to the coffee shop, while Subway will be in the area that was devoted to the bookstore. Monica Infante, a manager in Subway’s Northeast Texas development office, said the new store likely will open in the next 90 days.

Scott Whittall, co-owner of Buli Cafe and president of the Cedar Springs Merchants Association, said Subway wasn’t exactly on his wish list of new retailers for the strip.

“It’s not really a competition thing, it’s more of a chain thing,” Whittall said. “Cedar Springs has had boutique- type, single-owner, gay-owned stores on it for years and years and years, but I guess it’s just a fact we have to deal with. Chains are out there, and I guess it was just inevitable that we would get one of two. We can’t control what comes in and out of the street. We can only hope they add to the neighborhood and add to the traffic.”

Infante said Subway has been looking to open a store on Cedar Springs for about 10 years, because it’s a heavily populated area that is underserved by the chain.

“Knowing the history behind Cedar Springs, I think it will be something positive,” Infante said. “Hopefully once it does open people will be as excited as we are about it.”написание продающих текстовпродвижение сайтов москва гугле

—  John Wright