The Gaga Countdown: This mashup trailer of ‘Gaga in Wonderland’ would’ve been hella fun

Who would have thought Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland would resonate so far beyond its Disney movie-going audience? Miss Texas FFI winner Asia O’Hara became the Mad Hatter complete with detailed costume, a tea party and animals (people in costumes) during her talent. But before that, Black20 Studios saw the connection between Lady Gaga and the psychedelic movie — which couldn’t have been too hard. Her costumes and outfits practically make her into a new character each time.

—  Rich Lopez

'Alice' in blunderland

For months, the Disney marketing machine behind the live action, CGI-heavy Alice in Wonderland has seemed presumptuous: Johnny Depp’s face; the familiar title; Tim Burton as the director; audiences will appear.

And maybe they will. But to me, it has all seemed just so lazy. I haven’t been excited to see it; I know few people who are. And it turns out I was right. Why after the jump.

—  Arnold Wayne Jones