Is ‘Arrow’ star Colton Haynes gay, or just a tease? Does it matter?


Colton Haynes

We’ve been burned before with wishful thinking. Remember the hot shirtless jogger a few weeks ago who turned out to be an anti-gay protester? So yeah, having a crush, and wanting someone to bat cleanup for our team, isn’t always the reality. So when Teen Wolf/Arrow hottie Colton Haynes implied this weekend on his Tumblr account that he may be — or was — gay … well, you’ll forgive us if we don’t send out the wedding invitations quite yet. (Though we could! Yea, marriage equality!)

The thing is, since the dustup began (basically, some troll on Tumblr suggested Haynes had a “secret” gay past and the actor replied, “Was it a secret? Let’s all just enjoy life and have no regrets”) no other word has come out about it. Could Haynes be teasing his fans, the way Frasier teased us about Daphne and Niles for years? Though come to think of it, Daphne and Niles eventually did hook up.

Look, Haynes will confirm or deny eventually, but until then, let’s just admire the 27-year-old actor’s physique (plug: Friday is Dallas Voice’s annual Body Issue!) and say it’s cool either way … but if you are gay, Colton, the toaster oven is on its way…

—  Arnold Wayne Jones

Gay teens win ‘cutest couple’


We all remember those “senior superlatives” in the high school yearbook — you know, “most likely to succeed,” “class clown,” “best dressed.”

“Cutest couple.”

And wasn’t your cutest couple always the hunky quarterback and his perky blonde cheerleader girlfriend?

Well, at one high school, Brad Taylor and Dylan Meehan, two gay teens, won the title “cutest couple.”

After one of their classmates posted a screen capture of the yearbook item on her Tumblr account, the photo went viral.

Its widespread popularity, especially after appearing on the Huffington Post (here), is great. But I’m really more impressed by the school — its leadership and its student body — that this could happen without controversy. It’s an inspiring little story no matter how you look at it.

—  Arnold Wayne Jones

Does Frank Ocean’s coming out mean more for hip-hop or for the LGBT community?

July has already been a momentous month for the LGBT community. Anderson Cooper didn’t so much come out as officially confirm that he identified as gay early in the week. Then, for some July 4 fireworks, Odd Future member Frank Ocean candidly talked about his past relationship with a man in a telling Tumblr post. A lengthy letter that was heartfelt and poetic (while never using the “g” or the “b” words) left no doubt that Ocean has come out of the closet as a member of the community — and as a bona fide hip-hop star.

There has been speculation on Ocean’s sexuality recently on blog buzz reviews about his upcoming album Channel Orange. MTV reported that he had openly used “him” in many of his songs which had been picked up on by those reviews. Ocean’s clearly in a more comfortable space, but could it be lost on the LGBT community?

—  Rich Lopez

In other R.E.M. news, see Michael Stipe naked

Thanks to Stereogum for pointing this out Wednesday, but coming off the heels of R.E.M.’s big announcement, we were also privy to singer Michael Stipe’s semi-big statement of his own. In a Tumblr post from earlier this summer (how are we so late to this?), Stipe reveals all in a series of photos mashed together as he dresses, undresses, whatever. Thankfully, Fleshbot took it upon themselves to slow the vid down to post the money shots of Stipe as he was in his full monty. And by the way, that link is SO NSFW.

But here’s a slight preview sans Stipe’s monster. Heck, this pic alone is ready for Grindr and Scruff.

—  Rich Lopez