News: Isiah Thomas, Uganda, K-2, Marriage, Elena Kagan

 road Rumor has it that we might soon see a new album from Britney Spears.

 road Isiah Thomas poses for the NOH8 campaign with his son

 road The first so-called "Jewish boat" participates in Amsterdam's pride parade, which featured about 80 other boats and a whopping total of 500,000 supporters.

 road A shirtless Joe Biden on a beach in the Hamptons.

 road Doctor who is researching to prevent homosexuality dodges a question about her experiments.

 road Gay activists: "Uganda's 'Anti-Homosexuality Bill,' which raised a worldwide uproar over its death penalty for gay sex, has stalled in parliamentary committee and it is unlikely to be passed in the current session."

 road Tori Spelling looks surprisingly plain without any make-up.

 road Tragedy on K-2: "Swedish climber and skier Fredrik Ericsson has fallen to his death on K-2 while trying to conquer the world's second highest peak."

 road You and I are a lot more like a SpongeBob Squarepants than you thought.

 road Gay sons for all mothers!

 road Suicides in the LGBT community are on the rise.

Kagan road Elena Kagan was sworn in by Chief Justice
Roberts today. While she'll be able to take on her justice duties
immediately, she won't be installed as a Justice until October 1. 

 road Possible explanation as to why the GOP isn't being as vocal about same-sex marriage as they have in the past: "'Every indicator that I have … generally speaking, is that economic growth and job creation are the tandem issues that will be the principal drivers of voter decision at polls,' Republican National Committee political director Gentry Collins told reporters Thursday. 'What I’m encouraging candidates to do is go out and run on an economic platform, a jobs platform.'"

 road Workshop organized by gay priest in California attempts to bring the church and the LGBT community together.

 road Channing Tatum does good by supporting a brain cancer charity.

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News: Uganda, Maggie Gallagher, Net Neutrality, Jane Lynch

 road  Don't be evil: Is Google in a secret deal with Verizon to kill Net Neutrality?

Twist  roadLittle Jack Twist.

 roadUganda "kill the gays" bill stalls in committee.

 roadTweets: How celebrities responded to the Prop 8 ruling.

 roadBizarre trading bots have infiltrated the nation's stock exchanges: "In fact, it's hard to figure out exactly what they're up to or gauge their impact. Are they doing something illicit? If so, what? Or do the patterns emerge spontaneously, a kind of mechanical accident? If so, why? No matter what the answers to these questions turn out to be, we're witnessing a market phenomenon that is not easily explained."

 roadEnrique Iglesias holds up his end of a World Cup bet and waterskis naked.

 roadRufus Wainwright on Kylie Minogue: "I first saw [her] in her video for 'Can't Get You Out of My Head' and was instantly smitten — but also a little scared. 'Finally, a white Grace Jones!' I thought, and on one hand wanted to see her, but only as long as it wasn't in a dark alley: Her pulsing sexuality interferes with my gaydar, and who knows what horrible things could happen!"

 roadLike buttah.

Gillard   roadAustralia's Julia Gillard govt. blocks its gay citizens from receiving documents it needs to marry overseas.

 roadNow the defense in the murder trial of Lawrence King's teen killer Brandon McInerney wants the venue changed: "Defense lawyers say their client, Brandon McInerney, can't get a fair trial in Ventura County, in part because of pre-trial publicity. Judge Charles Campbell will hear the motion on Aug. 23." They will do anything possible to delay this trial.

 roadMaggie Gallagher freaks out in the SF Chronicle: "If this ruling is upheld, millions of Americans will face for the first time a legal system that is committed to the view that our deeply held moral views on sex and marriage are unacceptable in the public square, the fruit of bigotry that should be discredited, stigmatized and repressed. Parents will find that, almost Soviet-style, their own children will be re-educated using their own tax dollars to disrespect their parents' views and values."

 roadArgentina observes its first legal same-sex prison marriage.

Crelia roadA young man talks about his HIV diagnosis, and the tattoo he got to mark it (site NSFW).

 roadYou can now visit Jane Lynch at Madame Tussaud's.

 roadAFA's Tim Wildmon calls for impeachment of Prop 8 Judge Vaughn Walker: "Well, this ruling is bad behavior – in fact, it’s very, very bad behavior – and we call on all members of the House of Representatives who respect the Constitution to launch impeachment proceedings against this judge." Bitch, please.

 roadGoogle Wave is finished: "The service will remain live, says Google, although they say it may eventually come down. Google has also open sourced parts of the code and say they will create tools to let users 'liberate' their data…"

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International scouting comes out against Ugandan gay genocide

BSAThe chief executive of the Scout Association UK, Derek Twine had this to say about the Ugandan genocide bill targeting gays, lesbians, their friends and families:

We find the Bill not only discriminatory and contrary to the sanctity of life, but also completely incompatible with our interpretation of the values of our worldwide Scouting Movement. We have already drawn our grave concerns on this to the attention of the Secretary General of the World Organisation of the Scout Movement (WOSM), and we are subsequently aware that the issues are now subject both to WOSM’s direct engagement with the Chief Scout of Uganda (Mrs Maggie Kigozi) and to ongoing global consideration by members of the World Scout Committee.

Twine acknowledges that gay scouts and scout leaders are only a small part of the gay population of Uganda. However, David Bahati, the member of the Ugandan parliament who is the chief sponsor of the bill, is also the Chief Scout and the Chief Commissioner of the Uganda Scout Association.

Irving, Tex. -based Boy Scout of America that has gone to the Supreme Court to retain its right to discriminate against gays has remained silent on the issue. BSA is a member of WOSM.prilozhenijaмассовая проверка тиц и пр

—  David Taffet

Ugandan pastor uses gay porn to push anti-gay bill

As lawmakers in Uganda continue to consider legislation that would impose the death penalty on anyone convicted of “aggravated homosexuality,” of being HIV-positive and having sex and having gay sex with someone under 18, and which would punish people who know someone else is gay and doesn’t report them to police, one pastor there is going all-out in his support of the proposed law.

The Christian Post is reporting that Pastor Martin Ssempa on Wednesday decided to show his congregation — including some children, apparently— photos that appear to date to the 1970s of white men engaging in gay sex. And, the Web site says, it isn’t the first time. Last month, Ssempa took to the pulpit and played a “disgusting power point about what ‘homosexuals do in their bedrooms.’ (or what he thought occurred),” according to a blog post from a Pacific Luthern University student stuyding in Kampala.

Gay rights groups have condemned Ssempa for showing pornographic images to children, and even some of the folks who support the anti-gay law think the pastor went too far.

But Ssempa is unrepentant. He said, “In Africa, what you do in your bedroom affects our clan, it affects our tribe, it affects our nation. We are in the process of legislation and we have to educate ourselves about what homosexuals do.”обособленное определение этосоздание тур сайта

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Shouldn't religion stand for something?

Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams
Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams

Aren’t religions supposed to stand for something? (I think we’re against murder, but if we say it, we’ll lose members. Hey, let’s put those pesky 10 commandments up for a vote).

Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury, apologized to gays and lesbians who have felt undervalued by him, but he also argued against equality now. By that he means equality is important, but donations are more important and bigots outspend non-bigots, so no equality until we pony up.

But then this isn’t surprising. The Anglican Church in Uganda supports the kill-the-gays bill, according to the UK Guardian.

So Williams’ seeming wavering on equal rights isn’t that surprising. He’s not even firmly against murder.реклама в гуглкачественная разработка сайта

—  David Taffet

Obama and Clinton address Ugandan genocide of LGBT people at D.C. prayer breakfast

In Dallas this morning at the Creating Change conference, religious leaders from across the country gathered for an alternative prayer breakfast as a response to the one occurring in Washington, D.C. Harry Knox, the Human Rights Campaign director of the religion and faith program of the Human Rights Campaign, said he asked the president to address the issue of Uganda at the breakfast. Evangelicals who reportedly were involved in the writing of the proposed anti-gay legislation were attending the breakfast in D.C.

President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton both addressed the issue directly in their remarks this morning.

Knox said that in addition to the Dallas event, groups gathered in 20 other cities to pray for the lives of LGBT Ugandans and their families who are threatened with state-sanctioned murder.

Rev. Stephen Sprinkle from TCU organized the service and Rev. Jo Hudson from Cathedral of Hope spoke. Others participating were Rabbi Sharon Kleinbaum of New York, Bishop Yvette Flunder of San Francisco and Rev. Rebecca Voelkel of D.C.производство рекламной продукциитематики для продвижения

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Holocaust vigil for LGBT victims


On Wednesday, Jan. 27, Equality March Texas organized a vigil to remember LGBT Holocaust victims.


The vigil began at the Highland Park fountain and proceeded down Oak Lawn Avenue to the Legacy of Love monument.

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Baldwin takes lead in Uganda anti-gay genocide

Rep. Tammy Baldwin
Rep. Tammy Baldwin

Rep. Tammy Baldwin’s office sent a press release that said she and Reps. Jared Polis and Barney Frank, along with 90 other members of Congress, sent letters to President Obama and Ugandan President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni. They are voicing their opposition to the Ugandan anti-homosexuality bill.

“The pending Anti-Homosexuality Bill in Uganda is an appalling violation of human rights and it behooves us, as Americans and Members of Congress, to do all we can to prevent its passage. We fervently hope that President Obama will use the full force of his office to oppose this hateful and life-threatening legislation in Uganda and send a clear message to other countries that such discrimination must not be tolerated.  And, we hope that Ugandan President Museveni recognizes that this legislation is morally untenable and politically harmful to his nation,” said Baldwin.

“This is nothing more than the institutionalization of hatred and bigotry and it must be stopped,” said Polis.

In the letter to Museveni, they point out that Uganda “even seeks to establish extra-territorial jurisdiction,” to extradite gays and lesbians living abroad.

They note that similar legislation is under consideration now in Rwanda and they urge Obama to take all necessary steps to stop it including cutting any bilateral assistance, as Sweden has threatened to do should the bill pass.

The letters sent:

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Three Americans responsible for Uganda genocide

Anti-gay terrorist Scott Lively
Anti-gay terrorist Scott Lively

The New York Times reports that three American evangelists went to Uganda to preach against homosexuality. The result was the proposed gay and lesbian genocide law.

The three presented themselves as experts on homosexuality.

The Times reports, “The visitors discussed how to make gay people straight, how gay men often sodomized teenage boys and how ‘the gay movement is an evil institution’ whose goal is ‘to defeat the marriage-based society and replace it with a culture of sexual promiscuity.’”

The three are Scott Lively, Caleb Lee Brundidge and Don Schmierer.

The state department needs to investigate the three and remove their passports until their role in promoting this genocide is determined. If they are found to have instigated and even helped write this murderous law, they should be detained as terrorists.услуги копирайтинга ценызаказ сайта цена

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Uganda softening law against gays

Just in time for the holiday season here in the states comes word that Ugandan lawmakers are “softening” proposed legislation that would have called for gays and lesbians to be put to death in some circumstances.

Ugandan officials had earlier denied rumors that the law would be changed to remove the death penalty. Maybe they mean it this time.

Under the original proposal “serial offenders”, and those who commit “aggravated homosexuality”, faced a death sentence. But Ethics and Integrity Minister Nsaba Buturo has told Reuters that the revised law would now probably limit the maximum penalty for offenders to life in prison rather than execution.

“There have been a lot of discussions in government … regarding the proposed law, but we now think a life sentence could be better because it gives room for offenders to be rehabilitated,” Buturo told Reuters. “Killing them might not be helpful.”

Gee, ain’t that kind of them!статистика запросов гуглоптимизация веб сайтов цена

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