WATCH: Emotional reaction to Boy Scouts’ decision to lift ban on gay youth


Ousted lesbian den mother Jennifer Tyrrell hugs her son Cruz after learning the results of the Boy Scouts vote to allow gay youth. (Anna Waugh/Dallas Voice)

It was a touching scene in Grapevine Thursday when LGBT advocates who’ve worked for inclusion in the Boy Scouts were able to celebrate the victory of coming closer to their goal.

The BSA will begin allowing openly gay Scouts in January, but the ban on gay leaders will remain in place.

Those who’ve fought for full inclusion said they’re focus will remain on the Scouts until all gays are welcome in the organization.

Former den mother Jennifer Tyrrell said that in a year the American people were able to tell the BSA that they wanted the policy to change, so she has hope that the voices of allies will continue to be heard in the future.

Watch the video below.

—  Dallasvoice

Zach Wahls, his moms on parenting forum today

Last winter, I posted a link to this video of 19-year-old Zach Wahls, who spoke persuasively about having gay parents. Since it went viral, Zach has written a book called My Two Moms about his family and has become something of a celebrity.

Today at 1:30 p.m. Central, Zach and his moms with participate in an online forum with In the Life Media about gay parenting. You can access it by going to the website here, or watch the video below to see what you might be missing.

—  Arnold Wayne Jones

WATCH: This 19-year-old Iowan (yes, 19!) speak about his lesbian moms

You may have seen this, as it’s been making the rounds on Facebook since yesterday, but if not here’s your chance. Watch Zach Wahls, a 19-year-old Iowa Democrat, talk about his lesbian moms in front of lawmakers. He could become this year’s Joel Burns.

—  Arnold Wayne Jones